Hiram woman accused of biting off ex-boyfriend's nose

HIRAM — A 22-year old woman is accused of nearly biting off her ex-boyfriend's nose and attacking a minor Friday night.

Oxford County jail

Shanan Loud

Shanan M. Loud, of 41 South Hiram Road, was charged with Class B aggravated assault and Class D assault after an alleged attack that included biting his nose nearly off and biting his throat.

At her arraignment Monday, Loud did not enter a plea. Her bail was set at $1,000 cash or a contract with Maine Pretrial Services. She is not allowed contact with the alleged victims.

According to an investigative report by Maine State Trooper Richard Maguire, “his right nostril and end of his nose was off and being held on only by a small flap of skin on his left nostril.” Loud is also accused of biting his throat.

Maguire wrote that Loud believed her ex-boyfriend was having a relationship with her 17-year-old half-sister. According to the summary investigative report, Loud received a text message that the alleged victims were kissing at a residence in Porter.

Upon arriving at the house in Porter, Loud threw the female to the ground, kicked her in the ribs and choked her, Maguire wrote. Loud's ex-boyfriend then pulled Loud away from the victim, at which point Loud allegedly bit his nose and throat, the report states.

Maguire wrote that Loud then kicked open a locked bathroom door where the alleged female victim was hiding, grabbed her throat and “shoving her into the shower hard enough to break the hot water shower faucet from the wall.”

The girl was left with “bruises on her throat, a fat lip, a cut on her forehead, bruised ribs and an injured lower back,” according to Maguire's report. A resident of the Porter residence then stopped Loud. A few hours later, the alleged victims sought medical attention and reported the attack. Loud was arrested at her mother's house Saturday morning at about 10:30 a.m.

Loud and her ex-boyfriend have been together 6 1/2 years, according to the report, and have two children, ages 8 months and 2 years. In December, the ex-boyfriend was charged with domestic violence assault against Loud.

Loud asked to apply for a court-appointed attorney. According to Assistant District Attorney Joseph O'Connor, Loud has no prior criminal history. Her arraignment is set for at 8:30 a.m. May 3.


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Stephanie Johnson's picture

Was she on drugs?!

WOW! Such super human strength for a petite woman. I sure do hope they test her for drugs. This is certainly not something a SANE person would do. GROSS!!!

 's picture

What is wrong with people????

This is disgusting and it makes me sick.


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