Repeal ObamaCare

ObamaCare is a disaster and the country doesn't want it. Democrats must accept that. They lost the election; the Republicans won.

I'm so tired of hearing from misguided people who are still trying to convince others of the merits of ObamaCare. Sorry folks, but it's time you accepted the results of the recent election.

I don't want a bill that wasn't read before it was passed and is increasing health care costs. I'm a senior citizen who doesn't like my premiums to go up while my choice of doctors goes down, and that's exactly what's happening as more and more doctors refuse to comply with the plan.

What merits there are have long been proposed by Republicans who will now, I hope, be able to retain the good, while removing the bad.

The Democratic Party is to blame for making bad economic conditions far worse. ObamaCare in a prime example.

Thank heaven for the return of the Republicans to both Maine and the nation.

Gail Eveland, Litchfield

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MARC A JALBERT's picture

Gail, I believe that the


I believe that the President himself has indicated that the Healthcare Reform Law isn’t perfect. That said we all need to relax and allow the implementation of this new way of our taking care of ourselves. I am also very sick and tired of the generalization made by saying “Repeal ObamaCare.” As I have seen the dialog progress, the discontentment is not with the entire plan, but rather certain parts of the plan. ‘Changes in ObamaCare” would be more appropriate language to me.
Marc A. J. Jalbert

 's picture


Gail, did you receive the $250 check sent to seniors to help cover drug costs? If so, did you cash it? Or send it back?

 's picture


This law needs to be reworked, and start by getting rid of the "waivers." The is jut too big and needs to be broken down into smaller sections. And clearly, this should be have been read before being voted on. There are clearly good pieces in this law, such as being able to keep your child on your policy if they are in college, but I believe the waivers need to go TODAY.

 's picture

Just the fact that Obamacare

Just the fact that Obamacare has allowed over 200 unions and large corporations to opt out and a huge tax on home sales is enough to tell me that it is a terrible idea gone bad. Hopefully if our Washington idiots use some common sense they can correct all this. Baring that it ought to be repealed.

RONALD RIML's picture

Tell us about this "Huge Tax on Home Sales" there, George

Provide the details rather than just throw a 'scarey monster' out in the road........

RONALD RIML's picture

No details, George???

Just throw a 'Stink-bomb' into the room, and then leave??


 's picture


The waivers are not permanent - they're only good for one year. Even if extended they all expire in 2014.

AL PELLETIER's picture

thank heaven

Yes Gail, we really need 8 more years of the Bush, Cheney mentality running our country again.
You said it yourself, the Democrats walked into bad economic conditions. It really seams doubtful that the current administration could make it worse then a banking collapse, bankrupt industries, ponzi schemes on Wall Street, housing markets down the tubes and unemployment through the roof. This is what President Obama walked into and is trying to fix.
Please lighten up a little and lets give Obamacare a shot. Perhaps if people are required to have health insurance your premiums would go down as you would not be paying for their medical care. I am also a retired senior citizen and Obamacare doesn't scare me a bit.

 's picture

Now that I see your picture,

Now that I see your picture, Ron... was that you behind me at Hannaford this morning?

RONALD RIML's picture


Haven't been to Auburn for many a moon......

RONALD RIML's picture

So who is it that thinks I HAVE been to Auburn??

- That's what your 'Disagree' would appear to indicate.

Or are you one of those ignorant nincompoops who merely disagrees because the 'Button' allows you to. That speaks highly of your obvious lack of intellect and functioning gray matter, and cries for a system which also identifies those who bothert to 'Agree/Disagree'

 's picture

I've said it before and I'll

I've said it before and I'll say it again: health care is the biggest crisis that never was. The whole mess gets drug out of the closet and dusted off by the Dems every time they need a warm and fuzzy argument in an election year. Now that they have it, they know it'll never hold water and that gives them even more emotional ammo to use in 2012. Like the recent judge ruled, the fed cannot force you to buy groceries or clothes, so they also cannot force you to buy insurance.

RONALD RIML's picture

Gail - You've got all the 'Talking Points' down to a 'T'......

But shouldn't you have started with the "Thinking Points?"

RONALD RIML's picture

C'mon - I'm Mr. "Warm & Fuzzy!"


 's picture

pay attention

" it's time you accepted the results of the recent election." Oh, we accept the results, but winning a majority in the house does not make republiclowns the controlling party. What a bout the senate and the White House. Accept that! And please, try to keep your thoughts straight when you rant. Repealing the health care act, and "retain the good, while removing the bad" are opposing views. Also, did you know in a recent poll only 18% supported repeal? Better dust off your sign that says"keep your government hands off my Medicare."

Jim Cyr's picture

Repeal ObamaCare

GO GIRL! There are more people that believe as you do but you may not see that reflection in these columns as this State has many on the dole. We have quite a few homeless and unemployed Vets in this state and yet we have room to bring in people from other states and give them immediate aid and jobs. And again, What program has the Government implemented that is more efficient and effective than can be accomplished in the private sector?


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