State Police break up high school fight club

TURNER — Several students and a former student of Leavitt Area High School were charged last week in connection to an illegal fight club at the school, according to Maine State Police.

A Monday post on the State Police website states that several students were charged with prize fighting through the juvenile court. The exact number of students charged is not specified, and the names of the students, all minors, were not released.

The website also states that one former student, now an 18-year-old adult, was charged with burglary and unlawful fighting.

The arrests came at the end of an investigation by Trooper Michael Chavez that spanned several months, according to the website.

One member of the fight club created a Facebook page related to the group and posted videos of several fights on Youtube, according to the Chavez's report.

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Tonya Perry's picture

The State Police

Turner has no police force. The town is patroled alternately by Androscoggin County Sheriff's department and the State Police (i.e., they take turns). Trooper Chavez is assigned to this area and it is appropriate that he investigated this illegal, and dangerous, activity.

Stephanie Johnson's picture

I wonder why the 18 yr old's

I wonder why the 18 yr old's name is being witheld... he is an adult.

 's picture

Good job Mike, people are

Good job Mike, people are always entitled to their ridiculous opinions but the fact remains that Turner is a better town and kids feel safer by your actions. And Sun Journal Staff, I understand that you have to operate under a certain legal umbrella and to deviate could be detrimental. Keep us informed and thanks.

 's picture

Fight Club, that was a good

Fight Club, that was a good movie! life imitating art? probably, because it happens all the time! I'm glad my kids chose a different club though!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Saw the movie. Thought it was

Saw the movie. Thought it was pretty contrived; rather pointless.

 's picture


First, It does say that the school is Leavitt if you read the article, Linda, it says "at the school". And Dan, the article is actually reporting that the State Police posted the charges and if you read the article the State Police did not include any details. So no details were included.
Where does "an employee's kid" come into the thought process at any point in this?
I am of course assuming you gave your comments some thought before you wrote them?

 's picture

You have to remember that the

You have to remember that the comment regarding "an employee's kid" comes from good old Dan (aka tron). He's famous for coming up with off the wall comments just to get us going.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

T...are you suggesting Ms.

T...are you suggesting Ms. Kaileigh is from the rabid right?

Jim Cyr's picture

Fight Club

STATE POLICE? What about National Guard? Who really has jurisdiction here? Are we getting to be a POLICE STATE? Talk about PRIORITIES!

Fight club??

First of all, what is a fight club? Your reporting on this is pretty vague, and I noticed no one person was named as the reporter, but we have to report our names for comments. A little more info would be nice on a story like this. The school involved also was not mentioned...???? Assuming it was Leavitt, but unsure.

Rex Rhoades's picture


I'm told that a day-side reporter started the story, Chris Williams, and a night reporter, Andrew Cullen, finished it. We don't usually put bylines on shorter stories like this. Sun Journal employees and family members get the same treatment in criminal matters as anyone else.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do we still get to call you

Do we still get to call you Tron, or do you prefer Dan?

JUDY MEYER's picture


The names of the juveniles charged are shielded under Maine's Criminal History Information Act, which prohibits the disclosure of juveniles charged with crimes. Additionally, under Maine's Juvenile Code, no law enforcement officer, court officer or juvenile corrections officer may "release the identity of any juvenile until a petition is filed charging the juvenile" with a crime. That petition is filed by the District Attorney's office with the court, and at some point after that -- if the crime is a Class A offense -- the name of the juvenile will be released through court records. If the crime is anything less than a Class A felony, the juvenile is protected from identity for all time.
Why would you think a newspaper employee's kid is involved when State Police are merely following Maine's confidentiality laws?

JUDY MEYER's picture


We're not prohibited from releasing the names, but it's not possible for us to get access to the official information when others are prohibited from releasing the information. We're not going to guess who these students are.
Since we wrote the story, police have now released the name of the 18-year-old. He is Edwin Harrington Jr. of Greene.


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