Dangerous city

Since snow has covered this four-season city, this is the question that has been running through my mind whenever I leave the house. The City Council's decision to make cuts to the snow removal budget for the winter of 2010-11 was, in my opinion, a decision of life and death.

Roads and sidewalks here in Lewiston are no longer safe. Examples of this are evident on Ash Street, as well as a part of Bates — two streets that, during the other three seasons, are two lanes. This winter, however, the streets have been reduced to just one lane, creating a mess for drivers who normally travel these roads.

On parts of Sabattus Street (off which I live) the right lane traveling both directions is so narrow that one cannot help but position a vehicle partially in the left lane, causing other drivers to cross the yellow line.

At many intersections throughout the city, snowbanks are piled to the point that there is no visibility when looking in either direction at a stop sign.

I think that Lewiston needs to find a resolution to this problem in a hurry before more pedestrians are hurt and more drivers are involved in fender benders.

There isn't enough room to walk or drive and drivers simply cannot see what is coming toward them at intersections and stop lights.

I believe that the decision to cut the city of Lewiston's snow removal budget was irresponsible and dangerous to citizens of this city.

Mathew L. Martin, Lewiston

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 's picture

I was in Auburn yesterday

I was in Auburn yesterday afternoon. A young fellow in a pick-up couldn't seem to go fast enough, excellerating past me and swerving into the snowbank on Center St and fishtailing up the road to the next light. These young hot rodders seem to think they should be able to go as fast as when the roads are dry and clear with summer conditions. Drivers need to slow down in the winter.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Not to change the subject,

Not to change the subject, but the person plowing the outer Sabattus Street area yesterday was going so fast that the snow was blasted from the plow back at such force it took out a pile of mailboxes, mine included. It even crippled my SJ tube. This can be dangerous to anyone in the line of fire...not just mailboxes. I did call PW to let them know.

 's picture

Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for letting us know.

 's picture

PW response

I am the Public Works Director, so I will weigh in.
Mathew - Thank-you for your concern. You have some valid concerns, but the items you identify had nothing to do with the budget reductions the City Council approved last spring.
Dan and Mark are correct that storms have been coming frequently causing us some issues. We had begun snow removal operations and had done Lisbon St, Park Ave, Canal St, Middle St, Chestnut St, the Little Canada area on Oxford and River St.
East Ave and Sabattus St along with the rest of the downtown area were and remain on our schedule, but with this storm we will likely have to restart our efforts. We are watching the roads closely and rely upon drivers paying attention and taking extra caution and extending courtesy to others on the road during winters like this.

Mark Elliott's picture

It's nice to have someone "in

It's nice to have someone "in the know" respond to these letters, thank you David!

 's picture

No problem. We try to keep

No problem. We try to keep an open communication with our "customers" (the citizens who live, work and/or visit the City).

Mark Elliott's picture

Now, how did we handle these

Now, how did we handle these issues "back in the day"? We put on SNOW tires, placed an orange ball on our antenna, and drove with courtesy. Well all came out just fine.

I think Dan is right though, if we ever get a break from these Wednesday snowstorms, crews will be out removing the snowbanks.......

Mark Elliott's picture

Welcome to Maine, where it

Welcome to Maine, where it snows.....sometimes alot!


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