Work together to fix Maine

Enough, already.

Less than a month in office without a fully appointed administration and the critics are after Gov. Paul LePage.

LePage was left with a big financial problem from decades of overspending and mismanagement of government resources.

From day one, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

Business as usual is over in Augusta.

I judge a man for what he does, not what he says. If he can do for Maine what he did for Waterville, I am willing to overlook his rough edges for the benefit of the state. To some, he may be rough around the edges, but his intent is for the people of Maine.

The new governor realizes the future of Maine is not to be the best welfare state, but to become the best state to do business in. That is where the state's future should be. LePage knows, as I do, that a society of more "wagon riders" than "pullers" cannot be sustained.

So, I say to his critics, suck it up and man up and let's work together to fix Maine's problems by lowering taxes and creating a state in which it is attractive to do business.

Mike Gendron, Sabattus

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Jason Theriault's picture

Business as usual is over in Augusta? I don't think so.

Keep fooling yourself. The clientele might have changed, but Augusta's stock and trade of political favors is alive and well.

He tackled all the stupid hot button issues that will do zero to create jobs in Maine...Well, except for his daughter.

Now, while his "Red Tape" town halls may make the business environment more friendly, he needs to take some sort of action, or outline a plan to CREATE jobs. Now, I admit it's still early, but apparently he wants to tackle non-existent problems first, like people moving to Maine for welfare, which according to DHHS, JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. More people on welfare are fleeing the state, probably cause they GOT A JOB.

JOBS fix just about everything. So I'll lay off once he stops making the news for telling the NCAAP off, and starts making the news with job creation plans.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot wants to know why

The parrot wants to know why no one was putting this kind of pressure to create jobs on Baldacci for the last eight years.

 's picture

Destroying the very fabric of

Destroying the very fabric of our society?! That's a little strong. Any examples? I like the fact that the focus is now on Mainers who need help, that Maine will no longer be a haven for "undocumented" people, and there is now a concrete plan in place to pay what hospitals that are owed for taking care of those on MaineCare.

 's picture

Very good advice! It is

Very good advice! It is obvious to anyone with common sense that we cannot keep adding people to the wagon and less pulling it. What is needed is tough love and I believe that this new Governor has that. We are spending way too much on welfare and those on the dole who are not sick or aged should be gotten off it asap. Tough love, gotta like it.

AL PELLETIER's picture

new leadership

Dan, I disagree with you, he did do something positive. He gave his daughter a $41,000 entry level job to prevent her from standing in an unemployment line.

RONALD RIML's picture

And "What" did he do for Waterville??

Besides take credit for what the City Manager and the Council accomplished.

Read Waterville's City Charter. The Mayor - LePage in this case - had no budgetary powers. The City Manager presents the budget, the Mayor reviews it - but may not revise it, and the Council votes on it. See -->

The Mayor can't hire, fire, discipline, nor conduct any other executive or administrative function over city workers. He doesn't have the power.

All the Mayor may do is veto a vote by the Council - which may then be overriden by a 5/7 super-majority.

In essence - the position of mayor of Waterville is a 'Figure Head' - a 'Ribbon-Cutter'

Want a 'Strong Mayoral' form of government? Write it into your city charter. Waterville doesn't have it.

If good things were done for Waterville - they were done by the folks who had the power and authority to do them - that's the City Manager and Council - along with the employees.


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