Wind developers donate to snowmobile club

CARTHAGE — The Webb River Valley Snowmobile Club received a jump-start on the payments for its newly acquired trail groomer Monday night when Patriot Renewables LLC donated $5,000 toward the 1996 Bombadier at the selectmen's meeting Monday night.

Club President Ken Flagg said the gift was “pretty awesome.”

The groomer cost $35,000, and a dozen or so club members use it for about 50 miles of trails that connect with area towns and are used by many local clubs.

Patriot Renewables of Quincy, Mass., is planning to develop up to 12 industrial wind turbines along the Saddleback Mountain ridge. The project has been submitted to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for review. A decision on whether it will be approved should be known within the next few months.

Flagg said the Webb River Valley Snowmobile Club has about 50 members.

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 's picture


When is a bribe not a bribe? When the local folks get the equivalent of half a penny (compared to what Patriot Renewables will earn from reaping taxpayer subsidies with the wind site) and they say its awesome! Bribing the local snowmobile clubs in Maine to gain local favor is one of the cheapest ploys by the wind companies. First Wind did the same thing for the Snowhounds Club in Lincoln. Yet when the Town of Lincoln looked for donations for a new fire truck, which will be essential in fighting the forest fire when one of these turbines burns out and catches Rollins Mt. or Rocky Dundee on fire (and they do catch fire!), First Wind didn't offer a penny. These arrogant thieves then turned around and twisted the arm of the Town to grant them a kick back of half their property taxes through a TIF. Shame on the people of Carthage to sell out your town just like Lincoln.

 's picture

money talks

money talks
wind industry fighting poor folk,

Alan Woods's picture

Hey, Webb River Valley

Hey, Webb River Valley Snowmobile Club!

You shouldn't have sold your soul so cheaply. The Quadcounty Snowmobile Club in Springfield got much more than that from First Wind. Shortly thereafter Quadcounty was "asked" to testify in front of LURC in support of First Wind's expansion into Kossuth, which they did. Patriot will do the same to you. Congratulations. You are now owned!

 's picture


Everything can be bought, including all of the mountain ridges in Maine. Sad to see them go.

 's picture

Thanks to the taxpayers,

Thanks to the taxpayers, without whom Saddleback Wind, LLC would not exist. Money, again is a leverage for support. Also, a thanks goes out to electric bill payers as now part of new and bigger " green " payments by them has found it's way to unconnected associations. Apologies to those who would endure or will have to abandon their homes and plans with these wind machines, but money talks big.
I assume the club will have members presenting the scientific and economic reasons wind power will make positive changes throughout the community, state and nation, at the upcoming DEP public meeting in March.


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