No hope for the governor

I am very much opposed to Gov. Paul LePage. I worked with the Eliot Cutler campaign and really think Cutler should be our governor.

When Cutler lost, he told us to have faith in LePage, that LePage would make it work. I have not seen anything work yet.

LePage has been in office for more than a month and what has he accomplished? He has been on the front page of the newspaper every week for something that is considered humiliating.

He supports negative changes in environmental protections and making fireworks legal.

He wants to change the public education system. Granted, the education system needs work, but his plan is crazy.

He doesn’t know how to talk to people. He doesn’t know how to be respectful.

He tells everyone his life story and what he overcame. That's OK, but how does that help Maine and make it a better state? Just because he had to work his way up does not mean he can govern a state.

What good did he do for Waterville?

From what I read every day in the newspaper and watch on the news, I have no hope for him, and I’m convinced he will only make things worse here in Maine.

There must be something the voters of Maine — the 61 percent of the population who did not vote for him — can do to impeach him.

We need to make it happen.

Shauni Morrison, Lewiston

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I respect your opinion on the subject and can see where you're coming from Mrs. Tara. Although I wouldn't necessarily agree that Stephen Colbert is someone I would base opinions from. Funny sure, but it is a comedy show after all. I didn't care for Bush at all but the impeachment AND recall garbage that I had to listen to for 8 years was tiring. I always thought it was an incredibly childish behavior. "My guy didn't win so I want this guy removed!" Come on. And as far as businesses not wanting to come to Maine, in the end, there's only one thing that matters. Money. IF LePage makes Maine business friendly like he says he will, businesses will come to Maine. IF LePage lowers business stifling environmental laws just down to par with the Federal level, businesses will come to Maine. There are a lot more "if's" involved that I personally will be interested to see if he will stick to his campaign promises, or if he'll just be another Obama. Or any other politician for that matter.

Barry King's picture


IF LaPage does this, or, IF Lapage does that... I'm waiting to see WHEN LaPage will do ANYTHING that he promised. Compared to LaPage, Obama has already "moved mountains"!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great post, Zach...well

Great post, Zach...well stated.

Sadie Roberts's picture

i totally agree with you

i totally agree with you kaileigh tara. you have a lot of smarts when it comes to these things. i learn never again to write back to people who think there way or the high way is the only way. it's time for some of you to see how lepage has made himself look foolish, with his imature way of talking like a 13 year old. he's not at all professional enough for this job. my sister says it's not his fault that he speaks like an uneducated frenshman. cause thats what he is. hay! i don't care where he came from or his background, he's wrong with his words, and yes now the whole nation now's and that has hurt our state. please someone help this man grow up. he's in a man's body with a 13 year old mind. thats what happen's when your brought up on the streets like him.

Mark Elliott's picture

Spoken with a mouthful of

Spoken with a mouthful of grammar errors and spelling mistakes.......and "he" is uneducated?? I hate pointing out mistakes but if you are going to claim that our governor is uneducated, you really should do your best to look educated yourself.

Sadie, you said: "i don't care where he came from or his background," then you follow up with: "thats what happen's when your brought up on the streets like him." what you are really saying is that you DO care about where he came from and his background because you just used it against him!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hope the parrot doesn't make

Hope the parrot doesn't make himself sick from laughing.

Mark Elliott's picture

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your response Pirate! It amazes me just how much liberals have to say until you call them out..... {{ insert crickets chirping here }}......

 's picture

For Clarification

I believe there is a movement to RECALL, not impeach the governor that is gathering a lot of momentum with every day that goes by and perhaps that was the sentiment that Shauni was expressing. I am not involved, but have heard about it increasingly in the last week.
Unfortunately, Bob, these folks will throw out the Muslim terror lies and innuendos no matter what you say.
It is all part of the dangerous and scary tactic.
No matter how true or logical or intelligent your response or discussion, they throw fear filled lies, rudeness, a lot of unconnected, useless information at you that makes no sense, mostly intended to instill fear and confusion, NOT intended to have intelligent, thought provoking discussion that might lead to mutual understanding (not at all, lol)
Once we made the New York Times, embarrassed by this Guv, and Stephen Colbert immortalized him as the idiot from Maine, I lost so much respect. This was all over the nation. Again, these folks do not realize how this is seen by the rest of the nation, for a Governor who claims to want to bring jobs here, no one seems to talk about the cost economically when the Governor acts in such a childish and irresponsible way that businesses across the country will react and not want to be associated with us or do business with us. There is a boycott going on against us. A boycott going on against coming here this summer for vacation!!
To say that the the Gov. was elected is to simple. The anger and frustration expressed by this writer cannot be ignored. To do so is foolish. While being "elected" is the case, but no one can ignore the over 60% who did not elect the Gov. If those people's frustration are reflected in this writer's letter,and so early in the administration, for purely survival and strategic purposes, it would be foolish to ignore the message and dismiss it as these folks have. It is very short sighted.
I DID give him respect and was giving him the chance to do his thing, if the Dems had messed things up, than show us what you can do, and he has so far, done nothing but destroy, hurt and bring down, dismantle...

Barry King's picture

Thank you, Kaileigh!

For this eloquent, intelligently written posting!
I sure hope that the adage, "As Maine Goes, So Goes The Nation", does not apply to future Gubernatorial elections across the country.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ventura managed to pull it

Ventura managed to pull it off. LePage will do just fine once the liberals calm down. They've had control for 30 years and screwed it all up. Now that Republicans and conservatives are in power, what exactly did the liberals think was going to happen? Business as usual with cookies and warm milk every night? What goes around, comes around.

Mark Elliott's picture

Tara, I expect this kind of

Tara, I expect this kind of response from some of the bloggers here but not from a former Mayor of my hometown!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Radar..the Pirate finds it a

Radar..the Pirate finds it a amusing that when a liberal goes on a tirade as Shauni did in her letter, it's just written off by the liberals as frustration. But when a conservative criticizes anything that liberal leadership is doing it becomes..."meanspiritedness". Funny how that works.

Mark Elliott's picture

It's almost sad, in a way, at

It's almost sad, in a way, at how blinded they really are. We shouldn't pick on them, they're just "different" that's all.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You mean almost like picking

You mean almost like picking on the sick and the lame?

Mark Elliott's picture

Wow, and she thinks LePage is

Wow, and she thinks LePage is unprofessional?? Let's not forget Tara, you all ignored the 60% that did not vote for Baldaci as well!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Muslim terror lies and

"Muslim terror lies and innuendos'????

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

A couple more things Ms. Tara

A couple more things Ms. Tara might consider clarifying for us....who are "these folks" and "they"?

Over looked

It's been over looked and kicked down the road for so long now, some people still choose to ignore it.

 's picture

I think paying the hospitals

I think paying the hospitals in the state the millions owed to them is quite an accomplishment in his 1st month in office, but that's just my opinion.


Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity and the outcome of which, depending on the country, can lead to the removal of that official from office or other punishment. Simply not liking an individual or not agreeing with them is not even close to being on grounds for impeachment. Get over yourself, please. He has officially been governor for, what, about two months? I still hear people say Obama needs more time to recover from the mess of Bush. LePage only gets two months to recover from the current Maine financial mess? Supports negative changes in the environment? Bringing environmental laws even with federal environmental laws I guess is just plain crazy. Why don't you take Cutler's advice and give him a chance? When you pout and cry like a child, you only embarrass yourself.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Shauni, just to bring you up

Shauni, just to bring you up to speed; Cutler lost and LePage won. Get that?; he won. He is our governor for the next 4 years. According to the math in your letter, he got 39% of the vote. That's more than Baldacci got. Just because you don't agree with the things he's doing doesn't mean he isn't doing his job. Case in point; Barak Hussein Obama.
Time for you to get a life and move on, kiddo.

 's picture

I guess I don't understand...

...what President Obama has to do with this. What IS the case in point pointing at in your previous statements?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Not agreeing with everything

Not agreeing with everything he does, doesn't mean he isn't doing his job is also applicable to oBAMa. Not that complicated, Mr. Woodbury. You just have to read the words.

 's picture

You do realize that if Cutler

You do realize that if Cutler had recieved MORE votes than Lepage did he would be the governor? Maybe you should give him more than a month since it took the democrats 3 decades to ruin this state. Once again I would like to point out the state is broke, that means we are out of money. The party is over and it is time to clean up the mess. There are some very hard choices facing this state and the only way to do it is some sort of financial triage. What will work for the greater common good while causing the least harm? It's time for everyone to be contributing members of society and if you don't want to then you have to suffer the consequences of your poor choices.

 's picture

The problem is...

...the proposals he's made in the first month are so ridiculous, it's scary. I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt when there IS doubt. But all of a sudden making rules easier for business to do business have turned into raping natural resources. That leaves little doubt to give benefit to. And that's just one example.

Mark Elliott's picture

There is NO example in your

There is NO example in your comment Bob. Please give us a specific example of "raping natural resources".........because your comment, as it stands, is merely a repeat of the liberal rhetoric being used every day.........think on your own Bob. Research those comments before you repeat them.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Shauni, get over it. Governor

Shauni, get over it. Governor Lepage will do fine, in fact, I think he'll probably fix some of the mess that Eliot Cutler, have created over the past three plus decades. While the majority of Mainers didn't vote for Paul Lepage, just like Baldacci before him, remember that the same goes for Cutler, plus a little bit more.


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