Six charged at underage drinking party in Dixfield

DIXFIELD — Six people from Oxford and Franklin counties are facing charges stemming from an underage drinking party at a Main Street apartment this week.

Naomi Bean, 20, of Main Street, was arrested on a charge of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol, and Kylie Miele, 20, of Peru was arrested on a charge of furnishing alcohol to minors, Sgt. Jeff Howe said. Each was booked at the Dixfield Police Department, released on $300 unsecured bail and is scheduled to appear in Rumford District Court on Nov. 3.

Summoned on a charge of being a minor possessing alcohol were: Theodore Collins, 20, Rangeley; Rachel Calden, 20, Mexico; Karissa Pettegrow, 19, Mexico; and Nathan Touchette, 19, Peru. A 16-year-old Rumford girl was also summoned on charges of possession of alcohol by a minor and furnishing alcohol to minors. She was released to the custody of her father, Howe said.

About a half dozen other youths are believed to have fled the apartment when they saw the cruiser drive up, he said.

Howe said Dixfield officer Eric Bernier was on patrol at 11:30 p.m. Sunday when he noticed considerable activity at Bean's apartment. When he and Mexico officer Brad Gallant entered, they discovered about a dozen young men and women at a party where alcohol was being served.

Gallant's help was paid for by a grant from the River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition to specifically target underage drinking. The grant pays for officers from Dixfield, Mexico, Rumford, Bethel and Fryeburg police departments, the Oxford County Sheriff's Office and Maine State Police to assist other departments when needed.

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 's picture

just so you know... it is

just so you know... it is NOT a crime for someone to be looking into your windows with or without binoculars. I had this problem with a neighbor i had when i lived in livermore. i contacted the state police 3 different times about the woman next door peering from her property into my kitchen wimdow. when he came to investigate she claimed that she was "just looking out for her own safety" and was "bird watching". I had 6 children in the ouse at the time ranging in ages 4 to 13 and the cop never gave her anything other than a verbal warning to leave me alone. he told me she had every right to be doing what she stated.... not right but thats the way it goes sometimes.....As for probable cause.... i believe there were reports from neighbors about loud noise and young kids being disruptive.... there's your probable cause to enter the residence.

 's picture

I cannot understand why that

I cannot understand why that when a juvenile is involved in a crime, why in the hell can't they print and publish their name? They certainly are old enough to be doing what they're not suppose to be doing. Their name should be put in print the same as anybody elses should, juvenile or not.

 's picture

considerable activity

considerable activity includes loud music and a gathering of more than five people....


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