A real crime

I think there should be some close scrutiny of the state Attorney General's Office. The attorney general got plenty of media coverage and attention for his decision to jump in on the suit that challenges the Affordable Care Law, but what is that department doing for people in the state?

I have received a number of counterfeit checks in response to for-sale ads I've posted online. Those checks, made out for substantial sums higher than my selling price, come along with the scam that asks that I cash the check and send the difference back to a shipper who will come and pick up the item.

When I notified the Attorney General's Office of the crime, personnel there told me to take it to my Post Office and it would go to the postal inspectors. That, despite the fact that those things do not come by regular mail; they are sent through UPS or FedEx.

I had the same issue last year and was told by the Attorney General's Office that it was too busy to investigate.

Too busy to investigate a real crime in the state? That's a real crime, in my opinion.

Terry Donald, Litchfield

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Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

The biggest crime Terry, is

The biggest crime Terry, is that you fell for the same scam twice. The AG cannot investigate foolish decisions.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

Did someone disagree because

Did someone disagree because they had nothing intelligent to add, or because they're still broken up over their "dead relative in Nigeria" email? Hey Terry, I have some lovely ocean view property in Auburn if you're interested.

Ed Enos's picture

It would be kinda interesting

It would be kinda interesting to see who agrees and who disagrees with a given comment. How about it Patti, can you make that happen?


Mr. Breton & Mr. Donald

It is not the business of the state attorney general to replace the rest of the justice system. If anyone, including Mr. Donald, feels he's the victim of a crime, he should contact police and swear out a complaint and pursue the matter through normal channels. The AG isn't there to take over that civic duty from a private individual, who perhaps wants to spare himself the time and effort. And the AG certainly isn't there to subvert the basic wisdom of a free society: Caveat emptor.

If anyone has misinterpreted the intent of the letter, it's due to the first commenter overpowering that intent with a load of political spite.

Finally, there are many kinds of wackos. The right does not have a monopoly and the left certainly has its share.

 's picture

Mr. Leblanc and Mr. Clement,

Mr. Leblanc and Mr. Clement, you've both failed to realize the intent of the letter, complaining about joining a frivolous lawsuit to the determent of the people of this state. And I thought all right wing wackos were against justifying a current administration's behavior by pointing to a previous one, or does that work only when talking about one party?

John Clement's picture

Mr Breton, did you notice the

Mr Breton, did you notice the time frame in the letter? Terry had the same complaint LAST YEAR and was told they were to busy to investigate. Wasn't that a democrat AG last year? I know facts are a tricky thing.


You had the same issue last year?

When the AG was a Democrat? How can that be?

You can follow the above advice and descend farther into useless partisan bickering, or you can learn from your experience (plural?) and not fall again for this lame scam, which has been around for as long as there have been suckers to keep it going. Have you responded to any of those heart-breaking emails from Nigeria?

Mark Wrenn's picture


I'm not sure he fell for the scam - nowhere did he say he tried to cash the bogus checks.

 's picture

Your problem, which happens

Your problem, which happens to many of us and would HELP the people of this state, will NOT generate the headlines and goodwill of the national republicans, which is all this administration seems to care about. We'll have a chance to change the Attorney General in two years, so don't give up hope. Or you can become a fat cat contributor and then you'll be allowed to steal millions from the state AND get a top job.


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