Peru to mail out wind surveys

PERU — Following a lengthy discussion with eight Wind Committee members and the Planning Board Tuesday night, selectmen voted to mail surveys on wind power to taxpayers with the July tax bills.

Planning Board Chairman Steve Fuller said it was very important that the Planning Board receive a good representation of the town’s wishes regarding wind power. “Whether people are for, against or neutral, we need to know from the town what their wishes are for wind power,” Fuller said.

Acting Select-board Chairman Tim Holland said, “This is a hot potato to begin with and people want to voice their opinion before we as a town do anything.” Holland added that he thought the questionnaire was a good idea.

Holland said he thought it should go out sooner than July, but Wind Committee member J.R. Worthington said he thought it best to have the survey go out with the tax bills.

The survey will ask:

1. How would the town of Peru regulate commercial wind turbine development?

Zone the town in such a way as to effectively ban the development of all commercial wind farms.

Develop a local ordinance stricter than the existing state regulations, while not necessarily banning the development of all commercial wind farms.

Allow existing state Department of Environmental Protection regulations to govern commercial wind farm development in Peru.

2. What benefits do you feel commercial wind turbine farms offer?

3. What drawbacks do you feel are connected with commercial wind turbine farms?

In other news, the board was informed that although the new truck had been delivered two weeks ago, the town was being asked to pay an additional $1,000 for a hired bond counsel.

Road Commissioner Joe Roach said he didn’t know about this and though he said he had sent all papers to the office, no one had seen the leasing papers.

Town Clerk Vera Parent said the town had dealt with this company before and had never had a vehicle delivered without the leasing papers.

Holland did not sign the bond request and asked for the matter to be tabled until he had a chance to study the request. The board agreed that it wasn’t right to pay the $1,000.

Selectmen also voted to remove property from tree growth as a penalty for a resident not having a new Tree Growth Plan. The unnamed resident had been sent three letters and though the resident was in Arizona now, Hussey said the first notice was mailed last May.

On Monday, Feb. 28, representatives from Central Maine Power Co. will discuss its upgrades at 6 p.m., prior to the regular selectmen's meeting.

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Dan McKay's picture

Follow the money. It starts

Follow the money. It starts in your pocketbook and ends in your pocketbook. And then, of course, the bailouts follow. This goes all the way to Wall Street Bankers again, just like the mortgage event of 2008.

Alice Barnett's picture


1. effectively ban because 45dcb at night in a rural area will be heard.
2. stricter than state regs... 45 dcb at night in a rural area will be heard.
3. existing state regulations do not address a multitude of visual questions.
There are red strobing lights. There is road flicker. 45 dcb at night in a rural area will be heard. Decommisssioning. Wild life studies. on and on

What benefits "do you feel" is not qualitative nor quantifying.
What drawbacks? are quantifying. If you think you will see them. feel them hear them.
Know for a fact rates have gone up in other areas. Know the fragmentation of wildlife by huge, road cut expanses.

Peru residents, come to Dixfield March 10 6-8 pm. Tell DEP the citizens of the valley should have been warned.
Who will see Spruce Mountain from their beautiful homes in West Peru? How long before you see turbines everywhere?
Is that what you want?

Dan McKay's picture

The good, the bad and the

The good, the bad and the ugly of wind power projects. Dirigo High School, March 10th, with free supper 4 to 6pm, is the place for River Valley citizens to convene and share what is known about wind power. Several people from towns with projects in place or under construction will be there. Exhibits galore. Pictures, handouts, video presentations, the sound of turbines, something for everyone. All questions answered. Sound, visual, economic experts and representatives from the state will be there.
Attend and enjoy the good eats and neighborly get together after the long, cold winter.


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