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This is in response to the article about the St. Francis House in New Auburn (Feb. 20). The article talked about the drug abusers who receive counseling and support through the St. Francis House, but I did not see a single mention of how it also houses sex offenders there.

While I believe everyone deserves a second chance, I do not feel sex offenders should be housed in a drug-free safe zone. There is the Boys & Girls Club just down the road, a park up the road on Roak Street and Walton School, all within walking distance.

I have lived near the St. Francis House for more than six years, and I have seen multiple people come and go, but never once have I been notified about sex offenders residing there.

As a mother of two young children, I regularly check the sex offender registry to see who is living on my block.

I have been harassed several times while walking by the house, being whistled at and having sexual remarks made at me in front of my children.

There has to be a better solution. These people should be housed far away from the innocent people and children who may be in their line of sight.

Jessica Noel-Hutchinson, Auburn

Editor's note: According to Stacy Morris, clinical supervisor at St. Francis House, the facility does occasionally house registered sex offenders, but every person referred to the facility is screened for safety and appropriateness for them to be in a community setting as required by the substance abuse treatment center's license.

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RONALD RIML's picture

If you haven't had any idea that sex offenders were living there

for six years..... And there were no reported cases of sexual assault. Then it appears the system is working.

But I would definitely make a complaint of any harassment to the proper authorities.

Children are just as apt to be molested by a close relative or friend - this learned by twenty years actual law enforcement experience; including investigative and juvenile.

Jeff Douglas's picture

if you check the registry regularly

then you would know that there are about 210 registered sex offenders within 5 miles of St francis house. one or two more hardly matter. and if the state followed your rules on where they could live then there would be no place for them to live. i would add that the ones SEEKING TREATMENT arent the one's you should be worried about.

I posted this so people would know

There are many parents on the block who have NO idea these predators are living right down the road. I am appalled that nothing is being done about it. I am sorry but as a parent there is no such thing as A LOW RISK OFFENDER they are all a risk and something needs to be done to keep them off our streets and away from our children.

Jason Theriault's picture

Let's just cut to the chase and kill them

I mean, that would make everyone's life easier. We already set limits on where they can work and live. Screw it, lets just kill them, then it wont be an issue anymore.

I'm not a fan on sex offenders, but once their debt to society is paid, we should focus on getting them back into society in hopes that they straighten out, not block their return to protect ourselves, forcing them to live on the fringe.

Now, as for people behaving poorly in front of St. Francis House, you should complain to the administrator. I'm sure they want to be on good terms with their neighbors.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Don't agree with you often,

Don't agree with you often, Jason, but you hit the bull's eye on this one.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

I understand your being

I understand your being facetious however death is the only known cure for offenders. Not that I'm advocating violence but rather the church should be called to task and offenders removed from our community.

Yes I have agreed time and

Yes I have agreed time and tme again. I think they just say they do something to shut me up because it is continuous. One man actually got in my face and threatened me before but he was kicked out about a week later. I am more worried about the sex offenders than I am the drug addicts because I do have two young children. I have been on the registry with them both and showed them pictures of the predators that reside there and told them "If this man ever approaches you, RUN"

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

Agreed Jessica.... put the

Agreed Jessica.... put the animals elsewhere. Perhaps it's time to flood the neighborhood with flyers saying just what kind of people are being housed there. Maybe St. Francis House will get the message. Too many kids live and play in the streets around there.


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