Six arrested on importing, trafficking ecstasy charges

FARMINGTON — The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency arrested six people in West Farmington on Thursday night on charges of bringing the synthetic drug ecstasy from Rhode Island and selling it in the Farmington area.

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Merlin Corey

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Michelle R. Arsenault

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Jeremy Whitney

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Robert Rivard

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Angel Vasquez

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Kyle Haskell

Drug agents and local police found nearly $2,500 worth of the drug along with a quantity of LSD and marijuana in two vehicles and a home on Thomas McClellen Road.

This was the second major drug distribution ring stopped in less than a day by MDEA agents and police. Five people were also charged in a cocaine distribution ring in Rumford on Thursday.

Based on an investigation into reports that residents of 111 Thomas McClellen Road were involved in the sale of ecstasy, MDEA agents and police set up a surveillance of the home and stopped the suspects as they drove into their driveway about 4 p.m., according to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Stephen McCausland.

The six arrested were traveling together in two vehicles, MDEA agent Tony Milligan, who was the lead agent in both this and the Rumford case, said.

Agents and police found 95 ecstasy tablets, about 100 doses of LSD and a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the two vehicles. During a search of the home where Merlin Corey, 22, and Michelle Arsenault, 24, reside, police also found 10 more ecstasy tablets, a bag of suspected hallucinogenic mushrooms, some packaged marijuana and 146 live marijuana plants in the attic in various stages of growth, McCausland said.

Corey, who listed Dixfield as his address at the Franklin County Detention Center, was arrested on a charge of illegal importation of drugs. He was released Friday on personal recognizance with a court date scheduled for April 21.

Arsenault was also charged with illegal importation of drugs. She was released Friday on $3,000 unsecured bail with a court appearance scheduled for June 24.

Jeremy Whitney, 24, of Farmington was arrested on charges of illegal importation and trafficking of drugs. He was released Friday from the detention center on $3,000 unsecured bail with a court appearance scheduled for June 24.

Robert Rivard, 25, of Peru faces charges of illegal importation and unlawful possession of illegal drugs. He bailed Friday on $3,000 unsecured with a court appearance on June 24.

Angel Vasquez, 24, of Pawtucket, R.I., was arrested on charges of illegal importation and trafficking of illegal drugs. He was released Friday on $350 cash with a court appearance scheduled for April 21.

Kyle Haskell, 24, Marshfield, Mass., was charged with illegal importation and unlawful possession of illegal drugs. He was released Friday on $250 cash bail with a court appearance on June 24.

Ecstasy, a synthetic drug chemically similar to methamphetamine and mescaline, is popular among younger people. It can sell locally for $25 a tablet, Milligan said. It can take away inhibitions and is often called the "love drug," sometimes used in date rapes, he said.

MDEA agents were assisted at the scene by the Farmington Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff's deputies and the Maine State Police.

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Glad you caught the bums!

Keep up the good work!

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Nice Work

Keep cracking down on drug dealers MDEA - Great job! As an addiction counselor, I am appalled at the amount of drugs available in our communities and the devastation drugs cause in people's lives. It's time for folks to find other ways to support themselves besides selling drugs! Our state and children deserve better than having that crap in our schools and communities.


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