Students to develop, vote on ideas for school colors, mascot, school names

JAY — Principals from Jay and RSU 36 plan to hold assemblies Wednesday, March 2, for students in grades five through 12 to update them on consolidation efforts.

Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls voters approved a plan on Jan. 25 to consolidate Jay and RSU 36 into RSU 73 as of July 1.

School officials will also inform students on Wednesday about the plan to have students develop colors, mascots/teams, and names of schools at the high and middle school levels, according to a timeline provided by Jay High School Principal Gilbert Eaton. He chaired a subcommittee for the school Reorganization Planning Committee on sports, culture and extra-curriculum activities during the planning process.

Students will be asked on Wednesday to think about the topics in preparation for discussions that will be happening in advisory or homeroom periods.

During the weeks of Monday, March 7, through Thursday, March 24, teachers will facilitate students in each school’s advisory or homeroom periods, to research and discuss ideas for each topic.

Primary and secondary colors, team and mascot names that reflect the area and communities are expected to be generated, the timeline states. Community, historical and cultural research may be used to assist in the naming process.

Students will receive one nomination form each for colors, mascot and school name from his/her advisory or homeroom teacher on March 22.

Nomination forms are due to the advisory or homeroom teacher on March 24. The forms will be submitted to the combined student councils of each of the schools.

Collectively, these council members will evaluate the submitted recommendations, according to the timeline.

During the week of March 28 through April 1, the collective student council members will meet to finalize a ballot comprising the top five recommendations of primary/secondary (dark/light-home/away) uniform colors, the top five mascot/team names, and the top five recommendations for a school name. All choices will be placed on separate ballots. These recommendations will be made known to all the students.

Final voting will be held on April 5 for all students involved in the first period of the day in each school.

Collectively, the student councils of each school, under the supervision of the faculty student council advisers, will cooperate in tallying all the ballot results. The results will be announced at the end of the day in each school.

The results will be presented to the school boards of each system at the next scheduled meeting.

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The process of consolidating

This is a great idea by these school administrators. Glad to see the students will have a voice in their new joint identity.


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