Council to discuss rotting Bullrock

DIXFIELD — Bullrock the moose is rotting from the inside out.

Eileen M. Adams/Sun Journal

Bullrock, the mascot for Dixfield, may look OK on the outside, but inside he is rotting away. The Economic Development Council will meet next week to discuss the landmark.

The 6-foot tall town mascot has had his picture taken with thousands of people from all over the country in the past decade. Carved from a 150-year-old solid piece of pine by artist Ted Walker, Bullrock has welcomed people into town as well as into the Village Green and the gazebo.

However, time and weather have taken their toll, and the Economic Development Council that raised the $1,000 to pay for him is now faced with deciding if he'll be replaced.

A meeting of the group is set for 8 a.m. Thursday, March 10, to begin plans for Bullrock's replacement.

Norine Clarke, a selectman and leader of the economic development group, said the organization is trying to decide the best route to take.

“We're not sure what will replace him,” she said. “We want to take suggestions on what type of moose it should be.”

“Bullrock is a wonderful thing. He has great character and all year long people stop to look at him or take pictures,” she said.

She said although the wood from which Bullrock was created had been treated with a rubberized coating, that sealant didn't protect the interior from rotting.

Walker, who does annual maintenance of the moose, discovered the rot last year.

Clarke said the Economic Development Council sponsored numerous fundraisers to pay for Bullrock and a similar appeal will be made for his replacement.

“We're hoping for another year or two of the current Bullrock,” she said.

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Dan McKay's picture

Hopefully, this is the last

Hopefully, this is the last of the great economic development ideas for Dixfield. Rumford has a blue ox which would be a fantastic replacement.

William L. Colburn III's picture

Re: Bullrock

The only good reason I can think of to give Bullrock to the town of Dixfield would be to eliminate it (out of shame) from the town of Rumford. Rumford's "SCREAMING NEON BLUE" ox appears to be the result of a nuclear experiment gone awry. Calling it "extremely tacky" would be giving it a compliment. However, having been born, brought up and having lived in Rumford for 47 years and having worked out of Dixfield for 13 of those years, I find Dixfield to be a nice little town. Dixfield has done nothing wrong; why would we want to cause them shame by displaying an abomination of "art" such as Babe? As such, I would not even consider trying to dump "Babe" on them. The only proper place that comes to mind for Babe is landfill. At least Bullrock has the colors representative of a moose, unlike the color of Babe.


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