Not equal protection

I keep reading about all the new laws legislators are trying to enforce on the automobile drivers of Maine. It's very nice of them to be concerned. I'm sure they have their reasons to believe that my car should be clear of snow, and my headlights should be on, while I am seat belted in my car with air bags all around me and surrounded by all that metal.

My question is: When are they going to get around to caring as much about the motorcycle citizens of Maine?

Sure, they have to drive with their headlights on, but they are not required to protect their bodies in any way.

Maybe every rider should be required to wear leather pants and jackets and a helmet.

Why is my life more important in my car with all my protection and theirs doesn't mean enough to enforce that they even protect their heads?

Can anyone answer that?

Brenda Guimond, Lewiston

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Sadie Roberts's picture

i agree with greg rose on

i agree with greg rose on this one. iv'e had many times people blowing there snow onto my windshield and there is that moment of pure panic. we all must use commend sense.... the one's that don't are the cause for these problems. please everyone lets all drive safe and think of the guy following you.

Greg Rose's picture

Personal liberties...

Motorcycle helmets mandatory? I don't care if you wear one or not. Your choice. Seatbelts? same thing. If you and I get into a motor vehicle accident and you die because you aren't wearing a helmet or a seatbelt, so be it. That was your decision.
Now... if you've ever been driving behind someone who has failed to clean the snow and ice off of their car and had that crap blow off their roof and onto your windshield obscuring your vision, you know exactly why it should be manadatory to clean off your car.
As long as your personal decisions don't affect me or my safety, I don't really care. The moment your lack of responsibility or sheer laziness affects MY safety, we have an issue.

Mark Elliott's picture

PS: There is much data to

PS: There is much data to support both sides of the helmet issue and as long as the data is a "wash". it should be left up to the riders, not the government.

Here is an interesting write up -->>

Mark Elliott's picture

Yes Brenda, I can answer that

Yes Brenda, I can answer that question quite simply, here it is, pay attention because there is a very important message in it for ALL Maine's citizens!: The reason car drivers have to wear seat belts and motorcyclists don't have to wear helmets is because WE STAND UP FOR OURSELVES and you don't! It really is that simple!

PS: for what it's worth, the headlight bill probably will not pass because the motorcycle community is standing up for ourselves once again! The reason motorcycles are required to have their headlights on in Maine is so we can stand out amongst the cars and trucks on the road. Once all those cars and truck turn their lights on, we will become invisible once again! The sponsor of this bill has been enlightened on this issue and understands now.

Mark Elliott's picture

LD 246, The Daytime running

LD 246, The Daytime running lights bill was voted 'Ought not to pass' today in committee. It is effectively dead.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Brenda, automobile operators need all this protection and new laws so they can safely text while driving. Most bike riders know the importance of keeping both hands on the handlebars, although helmets sure would save a lot of lives.


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