Stop the legal tactics

Once again, the same old, tired tactics from environmentalists and the global-warming extremists who don't want the United States to drill for oil or build nuclear power plants.

Have people forgotten President Jimmy Carter and the long lines at the gas pumps in the 70s?

Now, President Barack Obama issues orders that stop new drilling for oil and gas (thanks to environmentalists and global warming extremists).

In order to build new nuclear power plants and drill for oil and gas, the relentless legal tactics of the environmentalists and extremists must be stopped.

President Obama should give the go-ahead to issue permits so companies could start drilling in the U.S. and also develop green resources at the same time.

The time is now to "drill, baby, drill."

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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What exactly did I 'hid from'? I answered all of your questions, no matter how much you tried to change the subject to something else. I have never brought up any of your military experience, school or anything else in your personal life, to try to discredit you. I keep it strictly to the subject at hand, or whatever subject you try to switch to, yet you constantly bring up things in my life to try to make some ridiculous point. I have a huge issue with you accusing me of hiding with anything in the military. Does volunteering to deploy with a Mountain Infantry unit to Afghanistan as a combat engineer sound like hiding to you? I've done nothing but try to meet all of your ridiculous demands in every argument because you can't go point to point in any argument. You shift, sidestep, dance, discredit and then resort to personal attacks. You constantly bring up my school, military experience and whatever else you can come up with. That just goes to show what kind of human being you are.

RONALD RIML's picture

I'm not sure you're as well armed here as in Afghanistan.....

But I won't hold that against you.

- 'Meet all my ridiculous demands?' How about meeting standards of debate. You're the one who mentioned school - so I assumed certain levels concerning referencing sources, research and attribution. So I made a mistake and this is simply shidt-shooting session to you.

The reason I bring up school and military is because I've found that those folks I've known who've excelled at both are usually able thinkers. Sorry I made an 'ass' out of 'U' and 'Me.' I'll not engage you again.

 's picture

Good luck, Zack.

Welcome to the brave new world of civil discourse. If you dare to step off the reservation defined by the good old boys, you get a barrage of ad-hominem attack and subject switching.

If an American company produces crude oil, it can sell directly to American refineries. The world market has no authority (yet) to restrict activities that take place completely within our borders. That may come soon, since the O's administration is determined to give away what's left of our sovereignty and throw open our borders.

Drill in Lil's backyard, although I doubt it would yield anything worth having.


A sure fire sign that someone has lost an argument is when they just resort to personal attacks and/or try to discredit the person they are arguing with. So thanks for conceding that. The whole argument Ronnie, was based on your one and only battle cry: Tax the crap out of the rich. I responded with numbers which showed that they already pay an enormous amount. The same top 10%, which you claim don't pay enough taxes, already pay 68%. This clearly didn't fit into your world view, so you wanted links. I provided you with links and you tried to squirm out of it by bringing up other taxes other than income tax, which really only furthered my point. So now you're just accusing me of plagiarizing the link that you originally requested. Classy. And thank you for pointing out cutting taxes, doesn't affect the deficit or what ever it is you tried pointing out. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything we were talking about, but good job. You get a star sticker. And finally, that whole argument about who pays what for taxes, has absolutely nothing to do with oil or what we were talking about in this thread. I know you're bitter about that last argument, but try to stay on topic.

RONALD RIML's picture

I've discredited your methodologies - like plagarism.

Then you present every excuse under the sun except for why you failed to answer the that particular post. Is that what you did in the military?? So you hide - and I chide.

P.S. - It's more than the income tax which is revenue. And no, not enough taxes are paid if the debt is not being reduced. Is that what you do for your home budget - decrease spending but fail to pay down your debt? How does that work out for you? But then again, funding reduction isn't a subject of this

Review your posts - 'personal attacks - Zach' - Pot meet Kettle, Kettle meet Pot.


I'm not sure how the pertains to anything that has been discussed in the previous posts. But at the same time, this is not shocking.

RONALD RIML's picture

Zack - What about that partial article you plagarized?

This one, back on Friday, March 4th -->

That one where you took lines directly from Stephen Moore's 2007 article "Guess Who Really Pays the Taxes" in the 'The American' - Journal of the American Enterrpise Institute.

No way you attributed anything to him. Why not?

Then, in the very same article, Mr. Moore wrote: "There is no correlation between tax rates and deficits in recent U.S. history. The spike in the federal deficit in the 1980s was caused by massive spending increases."

That was all spending by the Republican Reagan and Bush I Administrations. When I pointed that out, you responded by criticizing me for ragging on Reagan and the Bush's. Well - we got the same crazy spending with the wars during Bush II, same crap, same deficit.

Now if you're going to go out and plagarize articles, Zack - as you most surely did here on March 4th - you've got to live with - or at least debate - with everything the author writes - that is, if you have any academic or intellectual honor about you. If you just steal what you want without attribution - then there's no question what that makes you - UCMJ Article 121.

We know who created the deficits - they lowered the tax rates - then spent way too damn much money. Now tell me why you don't want to return taxes rates to what they were beforehand and Reagan and the Bush's were spending money like it was water.....

 's picture

Let's try to stay on topic.

Let's try to stay on topic. You both at times have some very good conversations and provide interesting thinking points.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sometime I can't get him to remain on a topic, Ed....

So I revisit him elsewhere and chide him about it.

RONALD RIML's picture

Exactly my point.

You wanted a remedy - and even oil people couldn't/wouldn't give you one, but acerbated the problem.

Ever get the idea that a certain segment of the population have no interest in finding solutions.

Then what?

What would be your suggestion then? Wind and solar is not only unreliable, but inefficient. Not to mention even environmentalists don't even like wind turbines. Coal is dirty. No one likes Nukes, even though they are clean. Granted I like being outdoors and going to the beach and all that fun stuff, but since I live in Lewiston, I need gas in my vehicle to get to these places. Since we bend over backwards to the will of environmentalists, who wouldn't be happy unless we were all living in yurts and we all grow vegetables in the back yard and live off a bartering system, we aren't even going to be able to put gas in our cars. There needs to be some kind of medium instead of one extreme or the other. The fact that there hasn't been a refinery built here in America, which is one of the top 5, if not top 3, oil producing countries in the world, since the 70's is a joke. Demand for oil has gone way up since then, and we're still at the same capacity to refine it now as we were back then. So until we come up with an alternative for oil, which won't be any time soon, we're stuck with oil. Might as well make the transition a little less painful. Sitting around year after year saying, whatever we build now, won't be ready for years, is a joke. We've already wasted 3 years since serious discussions about our energy problem came up.

RONALD RIML's picture

We had Oil-Boys running the White House for Eight Years

And look what they brought us.

Two wars that will eventuallly cost over $3 Trillion and not a remedy in sight.

Way to go!!!!

 's picture


Any additional oil found & extracted in the USA goes on the world market at world market prices, and there probably isn't enough to influence world oil prices significantly.


Everyone can agree that we need to end our reliance on foreign oil. No brainer. Can't we all agree there is no viable solution to that right now though? So there needs to be a bridge from now until that time. Why put us in a position where we're slaves to the middle east until then? This was brought up around 2008 when prices were high and Pelosi said the same lame stuff. It'll take a decade. Well now, here we are in 2011 and we're still a decade away and prices are shooting up again. Wind energy is not going to solve our problems now. Solar energy is not going to solve our problems now. Electric cars are not going to solve our problems now. All three of them rolled into one and projected a decade down the road are still not going to be the answer. I agree, we need to get from point A to point B, but putting all our hope into wind and solar just isn't going to do it.

 's picture

Get a little education

It's too bad that you are among the keen jerk reaction short sighted folks that just don't look at the facts before spouting about our need for nukes and off shore drilling. We have an immediate problem with our reliance on foreign oil. Even if regulations were eased and drilling and a nuclear plant were put on the "fast track" it would be well over a decade before a drill was sunk, and a generation before a volt was produced by a nuclear plant. That is unless you want any old billy bob construction company from the county given to go ahead to start drilling or building. The need for reliable and renewable sources of energy forces us to explore the alternatives, there are many, and with enough support from state and federal governments those alternatives can be explored without sacrificing the environment of our children and grand children.

 's picture


Let's have BP drill in Reggie's back yard.


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