Bill calls for majority governor vote in Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine's last two governors have been elected with less than a majority vote. Now, a Republican senator's proposing an amendment to the state Constitution that would require more than 50 percent of the vote — in a runoff if necessary.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Tom Saviello of Wilton goes before the Legislature's State and Local Government Committee on Wednesday.

As it now stands in Maine, a candidate who receives the largest number of votes, regardless of the percentage of the total number of votes cast, becomes governor.

With multiple candidates running, Republican Gov. Paul LePage, and his Democratic predecessor John Baldacci, have each been elected with 38 percent of the vote in the last two elections.

Under the proposed amendment, the top two finishers would face a runoff.

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 's picture


too late to decide if this gov has become an embarassment. what with dissing the NAACP, his ignorant little beards comment and his GW style secret committees (hasn't he touted how transparent his admin would be - about as transparent as his butt {another stupid comment}- he's only been there two months and already he's an embarassment. i look to the sage writings of GW for comfort.

 's picture


i'm in favor - this gov only represents 38% of us. if we'd had a runoff, that doofus would be stocking the toilet brush shelf at mardens where he belongs.

Mark Elliott's picture

I am sorry Libs, but the bill

I am sorry Libs, but the bill is LD503 sponsored by democrat Tuttle of Sanford! Don't believe everything you read in the paper! You can read it yourself here -->>

Mark Elliott's picture

There is nothing to disagree

There is nothing to disagree with....just swallow your pride and read it yourself!

Mark Elliott's picture

Well Tron, feel free to find

Well Tron, feel free to find that bill and show us! There is NO bill listed under Sen. Tom Saviello as a sponsor or co-sponsor pertaining to election runoffs as of today. The SJ facebook friends are the ones making this a "republican" issue.

Mark Elliott's picture

Tron, I stand corrected,

Tron, I stand corrected, there are TWO bills sponsored by two different people from both sides of the fence, BOTH of which are resolutions. Can we duplicate any more efforts?

 's picture

Good Idea !!

This is the best thing that I have heard come out of Augusta in a long time. Now, to actually have it happen !!!

Jack Tetreault's picture

Majority Vote

If you have a field of candidates greater than three than a run-off should be mandatory. Before we decide that Gov LePage is an embarrassment let's see what he does over his term. I recall that the left said that Gov Christie was an embarrassment, now he is being pushed to run for POTUS because of what he is accomplishing.

GARY SAVARD's picture

How much will this add to the

How much will this add to the cost of a general election?


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