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Arguably, the United States has the smartest scientists in the world. If they can make synthetic oil for cars, why not for home heating? Is it because the oil, banking and investment lobbyists are running the country?

Is there really a need for a two-party political system when they can't agree about anything? How about a no-party system — one that serves what is best for the people (tremendous savings). Aren't people smart enough to think for themselves instead of voting along party lines? I read about those people ad nauseam.

Is Gov. Paul LePage following in the footsteps of Govs. James Longley and John McKernan, who robbed (yes, robbed) the teachers' retirement fund to try to balance the state's budget, and to hell with the next governor? Is that a take-off on Robin Hood? Rob from the stable and give to the stupid?

Other than loving children, why would anyone want to be a year-to-year teacher?

When are town officials going to take 50 to 70 percent of local budgets off property taxes, which a lot of people cannot or won't pay?

For retired people, which of these are affordable: food, medications, heat or plowing?

The tolls on the Maine Turnpike were supposed to make that roadway self-sufficient. What happened? Should the public be burdened more by tolling Route 295?

Why aren't truckers complaining about the price of diesel fuel? Could it be because they are passing on the extra cost to stores and, thus, to the consumers?

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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 's picture

Already there

To answer your first question.
"If they can make synthetic oil for cars, why not for home heating?"
They do, bio diesel. It's used also to heat homes in place of the usual heating oil. Unfortunately it's not used much, I'd say just a little more government assistance could boost the industry and get us on our way to freeing ourselves from the foreign oil grip. Of course our government might not be able to afford to support the bio fuel industry because they support big oil so heavily.

Jason Theriault's picture

How to write a essay

When I was in high school, my AP government teacher showed me how to write an essay/argument.

You start with an introduction and your thesis statement.
They you bring up the strongest argument against yours, and why it's wrong
Then you list 3 of your points, from weakest to strongest.
Then you close with a summary that re-states your thesis.

The reason is when you try to do too much, as this letter does, you sound like a rambling fool.
The author makes 8 separate arguments in 8 paragraphs, which makes my head hurt.

Jason Theriault's picture

You people =)

You'll disagree with anything. If you think this is a well written letter, your out there with Charlie Sheen.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

One answer

Have you ever priced synthetic oil? You would not be able to afford to heat your house with it. We hav more crude oil withing our borders than the rest of the world combined. Your being contro0lled by enviromentalists not big business.


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