Court ruling shameful

The U.S. Constitution conveys formidable responsibilities to safeguard the sacred trust imparted by the founding fathers. Among those is applying common sense and human decency when deciphering those rights.

Elements exist in our culture that must rise above liberal interpretations and judgments. Foremost is the honor and respect the public owes those who make the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country.

Siding with religious fanaticism under the guise of constitutional immunity, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively issued a proclamation dishonoring the memory of every soldier who served during the past 200 years. That ruling has nothing to do with constitutional rights; rather, it denigrates humane considerations that, on certain sacrosanct issues, the Constitution is not all-encompassing.

I applaud dissenting Justice Samuel Alito for discerning liabilities and limits in the exercise of free speech.

Chief Justice John Roberts, and like-minded colleagues, should stand before grieving parents, look them squarely in the eye and explain why they empowered religious extremists to desecrate the memories of their loved ones. Furthermore, each justice should kneel and beg forgiveness of the American people for the incomprehensible injustice.

Perhaps, they might call to mind the words of George Washington: "The willingness with which young people are likely to serve in any war, justified or not, is directly proportional to how their nation appreciated and treated veterans of earlier wars."

Regardless, this ruling ensures that this country is not worth dying for anymore.

Roger R. Turcotte, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

This also applies to the Westboro Baptist Church Protestors.....

A week or two ago I wrote a letter to the Boothbay Register. It began:

"Over thirty-five years ago, as a newly sworn and crisply uniformed rookie Police Officer, I was given some of the best advice ever by a grizzled old Patrol Sergeant who was about to indoctrinate me into the ways of the world as he’d learned and experienced it.

“Son,” He said. “You’re going to meet a lot of people out there. Just remember one thing: There ain’t no way – no how – you can ever, ever, ever reason with drunks and crazy people; It ain’t in ‘em. Just take charge of the situation, do what you have to do, maybe smile and listen and try not to provoke them too much. But truly – don’t ever think you can reason with them. If you do, you’re just as crazy as they are!”

Now I was applying that to a certain Maine Republican leader - but I think it fits the Westboro Protestors just as well.....

 's picture

That is quite a pearl that

That is quite a pearl that Sargent gave you. Thanks for sharing and reinforcing, he simply forgot to apply that to politics as well.

 's picture

A vet friend of mine

A vet friend of mine suggested that they begin exercising their rights in his yard. That way he could see which is stronger; their First Ammendment or his Second.

RONALD RIML's picture

He lives in a Cemetary?

Damn! You should write up an interesting story on his living arrangment choice......

 's picture

I think his plan was more

I think his plan was more along the lines of creating one. I'll fight for anyone's right to say what they want.. just as long as they know that their words may carry consequences, like a hurley upside the head.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sorry - I don't advocate people commit crimes.

And your reason for that???

 's picture

Not too often I agree with

Not too often I agree with you Dan, but you nailed this one right on the head.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sorry - this ruling does ensure this Country is worth dieing for

If we can't protect the most rancourous and despicable speech, then what is a 1st Amendment good for???

It even protects the following, as distasteful as I find them:

Greg Rose's picture


While the behavior of the WBC members is deplorable, they have as much right to spout their vitriolic ooze as the two whose photographs appear above. I hate to say it, but they do; as do all Americans. People fight and die for their right to free speech daily around the world. Fortunately, our forefathers did that over a couple of hundred years ago. As much as we may despise what is being said, those whose viewpoint we disagree with, have every right to express it. Those of us who disagree ALSO have a right to express our opinions to the contrary.

AL PELLETIER's picture

tit for tat

It sure would be nice to see an organization formed that would keep track of every member of the nut case church and all their family members. If there is a death of a church member or anyone in their family, I would gladly volunteer to go to their funeral and heckle them as per the subject of this post. We have free speech too.

RONALD RIML's picture

Every funeral they attend is pretty well covered by

Patriot Guard Bikers and other groups.

And there's no doubt the Supreme Judge will weigh in on this one, also. How is it that we somehow always find that what goes around, comes around.

AL PELLETIER's picture

your right

Yes, Ron, you just reminded me about Corey Dan's funeral here in South Paris. The Sarasons made it clear that they would be guarding the funeral route. That was enough to keep the nuts away.

 's picture

Maybe it was reality!

Al I suspect it was more about the "bang for your buck" issue. I'm certain the WBC looked at their options, pay for a long trip in their crowded vans to Maine, to get minimal coverage from our media. Heck, some of the local press here might not have been able to find South Paris much less get a story on the air on in print. Sometimes living in this remote corner of the world does have it's advantages.

 's picture

They also considered how many

They also considered how many gun owners there are in Maine as well, and how many justified shootings there have been in Maine as well.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

They have every right

The Westboro Church members all twenty or so of them have every right to say what they want. The problem is how they try to deliver their message. Anyones funeral is not the place to preach your religious beliefs. Would anyone of you want a group such as they are showing up at a relatives funeral preaching that (pick a vocation) were child abusers, or pedifiles even if they wern't. Of course not. The members of this church are hate mongers purse and simple who have not an ounch of decency among them.

 's picture

Westboro Church

The Westboro Church tests the limits of everyone's tolerance with its anti-gay mania and its disrespect for our Nation and traditions. As an absolute supporter of the broadest possible interpretation of the 1st Amendment I agree with Roger that they owe "honor and respect" to those who make the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country. I see no harm that would have been done to the 1st Amendment by giving some protection to funerals or other religious events. Would we have been harmed by providing a 1000 foot protected zone around these events. Th Westboro crazies could still have said everything they wanted to say. Would we have thought it protected speech to have the Westboro folks walk into a Catholic Church during services and harangue the parisoners about the evils of pedophile priests?

 's picture

1st amendment

as long as you don't exceed the bounds of public decency

 's picture

1st amendment

Just because somebody has something to say that you don't like doesn't mean they don't have a right to say it.


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