DHHS commissioner says hospitals being overpaid by state

AUGUSTA (AP) — Maine Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew says her department’s discovered tens of millions of dollars in larger-than-budgeted payments for social service programs, and corrective steps are being taken.

Mayhew says a $66 million overpayment to Maine hospitals resulted from changes in the claims processing system. The state is on pace to overpay the hospitals by $119 million by June 30. Mayhew says future payments to hospitals will be adjusted.

MaineCare providers have been getting $10 million a week more than they were six weeks ago. Mayhew said analysts are trying to determine why. If the trend continues, it could add up to $30 million by June 30.

Finally, the state must reimburse the federal government $30 million after ruling that certain Medicaid expenses were not allowed.

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Ed Enos's picture

Must be that new math they're

Must be that new math they're teaching in schools these days. Does anyone up there now how to add and subtract?!

Doreen Sheive's picture

Continuous problem

This is a continuous problem with DHHS. This is the second new accounting system that DHHS has had in recent years. I have no doubt that overpayments have been processed for years. And, the fact that this has continued for months without any of the vendors notifying the state is just a sign of the times. After all, someone at these hospitals and vendors must have been posting these unusually large payments. But, no one says anything because all they care about is themselves. They figure if the state is stupid enough to pay them; they will keep it and not say a word. It is sad that morality and honesty is at such a low point now.


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