Keep watch for aliens

Smart meters are also a concern to myself. I am afraid space aliens might use them to spy on me.

Smart meters cut fuel consumption and, as a result, cut pollution — making life better for all people — the same as wind power does.

When people have to drive around to read meters, they run the risk of being in an auto accident as well and being hurt or killed.

Smart meters are the smartest thing to come along in a long time, but, as with all things, some must complain.

I am heading to the store to get a telescope to watch for aliens.

Foolish is foolish.

Robert Hemingway, North Anson

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Greg Rose's picture

Aliens? It's the ZOMBIES we have to watch out for!

Remember... you gotta shoot 'em twice! I'm going to the store for more ammo!

Jim Cyr's picture

Smart meters

How many jobs did CMP cut to implement the high tech (to control your life) meters?? If I want to use electricity for what ever I chose, it is my decision. I pay for what I use. I don't need CMP or any other entity to regulate my usage! It's about control of our lives! If electricity creates pollution, then as one individual said a few days ago,"if it's a risk, than ban it".

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If Smart meters are so smart,

If Smart meters are so smart, why does CMP have to force them on us? We should have a choice of opting out. Not much different than those CFL lights. If they're such a good idea, why do the have to ban the sale of incandescents in order to get people to by the CFLs?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The streets of North Anson

The streets of North Anson must be flooded with Kool-Aid.

 's picture

I'm heading to the store for

I'm heading to the store for more tinfoil. I need a new hat.

 's picture

Way ahead of you

This has been my picture since I started on here. My hat works great!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Rumor has it that you can

Rumor has it that you can pick up the 4th race from Suffolk Downs every Tuesday and Thursday without radio or TV.

 's picture

Shiny side out mike, be safe,

Shiny side out mike, be safe, shiny side out!


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