Becoming American

I am wondering if the elected representatives in Washington, D.C., are all deaf. This is the United States of America. Most people were born here, live and work here. We raise our families here. Our soldiers fight and die for it, and most people know that it is the best country on Earth.

Immigrants come here for what people here have — freedom of speech and religion; the right to work and live free. If they want what the rest of us have, they must apply for citizenship; learn and speak English; obey all the rules and laws.

People living here have to obey those rules. Immigrants should not try to change those already living here.

The only right the immigrants have is to leave if they don't like the U.S. way of life or the rules. They can go back to their own country and make changes there.

Loraine Gustafson, Chesterville

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Aaron Mistich's picture

What is the US way of life

What is the US way of life exactly?

On topic: the immigration laws are worthless. Arrest an illegal, send him back, he comes back and gets arrested again... so send him back again. Lock up the illegals and you're spending a small fortune. You're spending a small fortune just to track them down. Increase border security... small fortune.

We should Republican-ize immigration laws and follow after Reagan, Dubya and those republicans down in Texas. Let the illegals doing the crap work stay and do the work. But lets add something none of them thought of.

Lets tax the crap out of any employer that hires them. No fines or penalties or anything like that. If an employer is found to have an illegal on their payroll tax them HEAVILY. I like the idea of doubling their tax rate... for each illegal they have working for them.

Save's government resources, adds money to the coffers and makes hiring an illegal less appealing.

RONALD RIML's picture

We conquor half of Mexico.....

Then pizz and moan when the Mexicans start coming back.

Who'd a thunk it!!!

You don't see Indians writing a bunch of letters to the Lewiston Sun Journal complaining about Europeans and that coming over and stealing all this land from them, do you????

We either killed them all off, or have 'em scared shi*less of us.


Loraine and Ed

You both present very good points. Is beyond human nature to strike a balance on anything? That's what I've been wondering a lot lately.

 's picture

Now, the conservative side of me says

that if American workers weren't just GIVEN 99 weeks of unemployment and welfare checks and were made to go out and work a job, any job, in order to qualify for those benefits, there might not be a need for immigrant workers to do the menial tasks that Americans won't do.
My liberal side says if those people with enough wealth to hire people were willing to part with some of it to pay a living wage to American workers there wouldn't be a need for immigrant workers. The centrist in me says both sides have their points.
Now, before you people start spouting off, I have picked eggs, shovelled Sh!#, dug ditches, flipped burgers, sealed driveways, cleaned pools and toilets, gardened and even worked for the town for them to pay my rent because wages were so low that I had no other choice. The point being, I WORKED for all of my income and sometimes had to work for the same wages as the immigrant worker. Most average Americans figure that that type of work is beneath them and if they can sit home and get fed and housed for sitting on their butts then why shouldn't they take advantage of it but will howl about immigrant workers taking American jobs.
I am against illegal immigration. It's wrong to condone it, but at the same time it's wrong for American citizens to promote it because they are lazy and refuse to do the work that an immigrant is happy to have. It's also wrong for employers to be so profit motivated that they will hire illegal's to work for them rather than pay Americans for an honest days labor.
We are our own worst enemy when it comes to this problem. Every American is at fault for this problem. We want lettuce on our table but would scream if we had to pay the price for Americans to pick it, and the Americans screaming the loudest about illegal immigrants are the ones who refuse to pick lettuce for a living.
It's all a vicious circle. We want cheap goods but if we hire Americans to do the work, the prices increases because Americans refuse to work for the same wages as the immigrant who we blame for taking jobs that an American wouldn't do to begin with.
My head hurts now.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Eveyone wants to live the

Eveyone wants to live the American dream, but few are willing to wake up from the nap.

Mark Elliott's picture

Well said Ed! Take two

Well said Ed! Take two Tylenol and take the day off for that one...........

 's picture

Thanks Mark

Just trying to make that sound the way I wanted it to is what gave me the headache


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