Maine House delays whoopie pie debate

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine lawmakers are delaying a debate on a bill to make whoopie pies the state treat.

Whoopie Pie Fight
Matt Rourke

In this Feb. 24, 2011 photo a baker makes whoopie pies at the S. Clyde Weaver market in East Petersburg, Pa. Maine and Pennsylvania have cooked up a good-natured tug-of-war over which place is the rightful home of this culinary creation. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The House of Representatives briefly took up the bill Wednesday, but set it aside for debate that would be Thursday at the earliest.

The bill has mixed support from the State and Local Government Committee. Nine members favor the bill the make whoopie pies, which are made throughout Maine, the state treat, rather than state dessert as initially proposed.

Four members want to kill the bill.

The vote comes up as Maine and Pennsylvania each try to snap up credit for the chocolate cakes stuffed with creamy white frosting.

Whoopie pie lovers in Pennsylvania call Maine's actions to claim credit "confectionary larceny."

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Karla Good's picture

Let them eat cake!

Let them eat cake!

 's picture

I wish the Sun Journal would

I wish the Sun Journal would publish the names of those on the committee handling this bill. Kudos to the 4 who want to kill it. We should find a way to recall the 9 in favor of doing anything with this bill besides wadding it up and tossing it in the nearest recycling bin

Edith Ellis's picture

Maine State Treat

I love whoopie pies as much as the next person, but blueberry cake is the Maine State Dessert/Treat.

 's picture

How lucky are we to live in a

How lucky are we to live in a state where a dessert debate is going to happen sometime very soon? Thank goodness we have no other issues to worry about that are more pressing than whoopie pies.


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