Start drilling, now

Isn't it time to start drilling for oil in this country? The U.S. has been held hostage far too long by the Arab nations.

There is plenty of oil in this country that is untapped. A few environmentalists have shut down any future production in the U.S. with their cries of destroying the environment.

I don’t believe them.

Furthermore, why is it OK for foreign nations to drill (polluting their environment?) just so people in the U.S. can have their oil.

It makes sense to me that this country should be self-reliant and not beholden to countries that hate the U.S. Those countries have the upper hand and can do a lot of damage to this country, namely, by raising their prices for oil. When the price of oil goes up, gas goes up, groceries go up, services go up.

Those people on fixed incomes just get poorer and poorer. It needs to stop.

This country needs to start drilling here — now.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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Terry Donald's picture

Not so fast,,, really!

Respectfully, you idea to "start drilling now" to solve our energy problems, that is the prospect of drivers paying $4 a gallon for their over powered cars, is way way way off mark.
The solution of the problem in the short term is try to conserve fuel, tires inflated properly, engine in tune etc goes a short way, trading that hulking SUV or high performance sports car in for something more economical is a much better solution. And finding alternatives, bio diesel and other alternative fuels, hybrid cars, all electric cars.
If you put all you hopes on drilling now, some new offshore oil wells might start producing in 10-15 years! Much like some folks (LePage) interest in getting Maine back into the nuke business, it does nothing to solve the problem you are seeing as you drive past gas stations. I especially like the suggestions during the campiagn that Maine could reduce it's high cost of energy by drilling off the coast of our state. What, the oil taken there would all stay in Maine?? It would be our very own?? Nope, sorry government types, that's not how it works.
You want our country to be self reliant as far as energy goes, since there is a finite amount of oil available (mother earth can not be expected to keep up with our pace) it will eventually run out. ALL the experts say that time is coming,,,, soon. But you are mostly upset I suspect because of the price.
Prices are up because oil suppliers and distributors know exactly how much they can get for gas at different times of the year, in different locations in the country, even different parts of our state! The only way to change that is by changing our habits and our personal reliance on gas.

Mark Wrenn's picture


You, of course, are aware that any additional oil extracted will be sold on the world market at world prices, right? How much do you think will go to China or India?

And this: "A few environmentalists have shut down any future production in the U.S. with their cries of destroying the environment.

I don’t believe them."

Uh, the Gulf? BP? Were you sleeping?


Restated nonsense.

You have said this before. Why does oil extracted from American sites have to be sold on the world market? Only to be bought by American refineries. Does American wheat have to be sold on the world market just to be imported by King Arthur? No, of course not.

Mark Wrenn's picture


Wheat, really? How much wheat does the US import to meet needs? How much does the US export? And do you honestly think Exxon or BP or Shell or any of the others are going to sell American oil on the American market for less than they can get on the world market?


We import nothing.

We export a lot of wheat. Quite a bit goes at cheap world market prices to countries that turn around and sell us oil at top dollar. If we had an administration with any stones, we could tell those countries to start eating oil when they get hungry.

The B in BP stands for "British". But I suppose it's too challenging to expect a liberal to manage a detail like that.

When is the last time anyone asked a US oil company to be patriotic? WWII. Ever since, liberals have used them as a convenient scapegoat on whom to hang the blame for their own politicians' failures. It doesn't work anymore.

Mark Wrenn's picture


The B in BP stands for British? Wow, whooda thunk it. Do they drill in the US anywhere?

Jason Theriault's picture

Not, not really.

First off, any effect new drilling will have will be felt a decade in the future.
Secondly, the amount would only be a drop in the bucket.

Really, oil is the fuel of the present, not the future. Our future cars will most likely run on hydrogen fuel cells, which we will not have to rely on the middle east to produce. Nuclear, combined with green power generation is the key.

Terry Donald's picture


Really, nuclear as part of the solution to our energy problems? I'll guess that the events of the past week will put a serious delay in any proposed nuclear projects. If it isn't already being built, plant on it being pushed back,,,, way back.
Problem with Nuke is that we have not solved the storage issue, take a look at what's still sitting down in Wiscasset.
Also, you just can't corral all the different heads and hands necessary in a project like this into one well controlled system. Relying on scores of different design firms, constructions firms, and regulatory agencies will continue to be a nightmare to get anything done.
And finally, given our desire lately for economy, I wouldn't let any of the low bidders approved for these jobs touch a nuke aywhere within 500 miles of my house!


The tired 10 year argument.

It will always be 10 years away if we never start. If we had started drilling in 2001, after getting whacked by extremists from the Middle East, today we would be enjoying the increased domestic capacity and could reduce our dependency on foreign oil accordingly.

Most of the stuff I buy arrives here by truck. I have yet to see an 18 wheeler powered by fuel cells, nukes or wind. If we turn off the oil spigot, it's going to get very hungry around here while those new trucks are developed, taking lots longer than 10 years.

Jason Theriault's picture


Umm, they already exists.

And I'm not saying to turn off the spigot. I'm saying lets stop chasing oil down, and turn our energies towards energy sources we control. Instead of chasing down more oil, let invest in tech to change coal into oil, since we have PLENTY of that. Lets work on hybrids and electrics to reduce our demand for oil.


Nice looking truck.

It's powered by diesel and batteries. When operation doesn't recharge the batteries sufficiently, you plug into the wall and suck non-green power.

I agree. Let's do it all. Who's going to take the lead? Government? The current one stands in the way of progress and won't be happy until all of us use horse-and-buggy to commute.


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