The children deserve better

Maine's Kid-Safe Products Act, passed in 2008 with bipartisan support, provides environmental safeguards that can preserve the health of Maine children, every one of whom benefits from the step-by-step process that identifies dangerous chemicals used in daily life.

As the current law stands, the worst-of-the-worst chemicals can be phased out if safer alternatives exist.

The Kid-Safe Products Law is also a smart law for Maine's economy. A study by University of Maine economist Mary Davis determined that health care and economic costs of $380 million can be saved through the common-sense law.

The Kid-Safe Act also provides vital information to businesses and their customers. That leads to transparency, which leads to better market performance, even to innovative new markets and the development of new products.

Yet, Gov. Paul LePage and some legislators hope to dismantle the Kid-Safe Products Act.

Maine citizens deserve better. Maine's children deserve better.

Maine's legislators must support the preservation of this vital and sensible law.

Elizabeth Cooke, Phillips

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Follow the $$$

Well said Ms Phillips. The problem with the Kid safe act, and the battle Mr LePage has waged against it is $$. Kids are not campaign donors, large corporate concerns that make those dangerous chemicals however are.

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