Turner couple takes Hannaford fight to Maine Supreme Court

A Turner couple is continuing their fight against a 36,000-square-foot Hannaford grocery store set to be built in their neighborhood.

Jeffrey Thaler, a lawyer for Susan and Philip Bizier, has filed an appeal with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, claiming a lower court erred when it found the store was in scale with the neighborhood and didn't break back-lot rules.

Any Supreme Court decision will likely take months.

Hannaford's plans call for a grocery store and drive-through pharmacy on a 5.6-acre development at the intersection of Route 4 and Snell Hill Road. Nine homes sit behind the site. If built, Hannaford would be the biggest store in the town of roughly 5,000 people.

Initially, five residents — Angela and Daniel Chabot, Kathryn Woodward and the Biziers — sued to stop the project, saying the development would create unsafe traffic, do too little to buffer itself from nearby homes, break back-lot rules, do too little to preserve nearby wetlands and exceed the scale of construction in nearby developments.

In past court proceedings, lawyers for Hannaford have said that getting site-plan review approval took 10 months and 20 meetings. At the Planning Board’s request, Hannaford reworked its design to be a better fit for the site, with a sloping asphalt roof, shingles, horizontal siding and more buffer.

Hannaford's lawyer did not return a call seeking comment on the appeal to the Supreme Court. It is unclear where the project now stands.


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Jeff Douglas's picture

not in my back yard

we cant even build a new grocery store here in Maine. we have no future. hey people if you dont like what people are doing on THEIR land then buy them out!!!! all you pansy no windmillers instead of whining endlessly about what other people are doing why dont you hold a fundraiser to buy the mountain!!!!

ive got $100 that says this couple losses their law suit and then refuses to pay thier lawyer after.

NANCY BARRY's picture

Hannford vs Food City

Mr. Whitman, we are looking forward to seeing a Hannaford in Turner. I’m going to focus on just the consumer benefits (though there are many other benefits to the town.)

We are not rich, but we want quality and additional products (like fresh fish and a pharmacy.) I mainly shop at Food City due to convenience however, today I stopped at the Winthrop Hannaford for produce (which we grow in the summer months.)

Please compare prices and quality for the items I purchased today: Green Leaf Lettuce $1.49, Garlic .69 per pound, Madison, ME grown tomatoes $3.49 lb, flat parsley .99, large brown eggs $2.09. The produce is FRESH at Hannaford, unlike what I saw at Food City over the weekend (purchase garlic but threw it away when I arrived home.) Even Food City cabbage, on St Patrick’s week was way under par. I have complained in the past with no response.

Food City’s meats have rarely failed us in price or freshness. But, we would never consider purchasing fish or seafood at Food City due to my perception of lack of turnover.

I understand that Food City, being a smaller chain, would need to increase costs to provide us with the luxury of fresh, edible produce. But, that’s what we want, quality!

NANCY BARRY's picture


Sorry, I saw the typo on Hannford VS HannAford in the subject just before I saved... wish we could delete :)

Bill Whitman's picture


how can a 40000 sf building be in scale with wilderness and swamp. i'll bet Food City breathed a short sigh of relief. they get to stay in business for a few more months. i'll miss them as i do Caswells and i'm glad everyone in Turner has such high income they can afford to shop at Hannafords. With Food City gone, i'll be forced to drive to wally world which, even with $5 a gallon gas will be cheaper than shopping at Hannafords.

Karen Parker's picture

Do Farming

Get your neighborhood together and start your own garden vegetables and raise your own BARNYArd Anaimls TO EAT. That would solve all your grief.


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