Heating oil prices stable in Maine survey

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine's heating oil prices have remained stable over the past week despite turmoil in the Middle East and the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

The state energy office says the average cash price for home heating oil in Maine dropped by a penny to $3.66 a gallon in its latest survey. The lowest recorded price as of Monday was $3.50 in southern Maine, and the highest was $3.88 in northern Maine.

Ken Fletcher of the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security says that prices usually start to decline in the spring. But he says this may not be a normal spring and summer because of the conflict in Libya and earthquake, tsunami and shutdown of nuclear power stations in Japan.

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???? Shutdown of nuclear power stations..

Why would the shutdown of Japans power stations make a difference in the cost of our oil?? Seems to me the ones pedaling this oil are the ones making big profits, and they will use any excuse to raise the price of it..just as bad as a lawyer looking to make big bucks off a lawsuit..


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