LePage orders removal of labor mural, sparking outcry

Mural removal
James Imbrogno photo

The LePage administration has ordered the removal of this 36-foot long mural from the lobby of the state Department of Labor. Artists Judy Taylor says the mural was never meant to be political, just a historical depiction of Maine's labor history.

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot mural depicting Maine's labor history from the lobby of the Department of Labor.

Worker advocates described the move as a "mean-spirited" provocation amid the administration's high-tension standoff with unions.

Acting labor chief Laura Boyett emailed staff Tuesday about the mural's pending removal, as well as another administration directive to rename several department conference rooms that carry the names of pro-labor icons such as Cesar Chavez.

According to LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt, the administration felt the mural and the conference room monikers showed "one-sided decor" not in keeping with the department's pro-business goals.

"The message from state agencies needs to be balanced," said Demeritt, adding that the mural had sparked complaints from "some business owners" who complained it was hostile to business.

Demeritt declined to name the businesses.

The mural was erected in 2008 following a jury selection by the Maine Arts Commission and a $60,000 federal grant. Judy Taylor, the artist from Seal Cove, said Tuesday that her piece was never meant to be political, simply a depiction of Maine's labor history.

The 11-panel piece depicts several moments, including the 1937 shoe mill strike in Auburn and Lewiston, "Rosie the Riveter" at Bath Iron Works, and the paper mill workers' strike of 1986 in Jay.

According to Taylor, the idea for the panels came from Charley Scontras, a labor historian at the University of Maine.

Taylor said the administration's decision to remove the mural was "terrible." She said her 2007 selection by the Maine Arts Commission was the "commission of a lifetime."

Taylor said she'd never heard that her mural painted an unflattering picture of business.

"There was never any intention to be pro-labor or anti-labor," she said. "It was a pure depiction of the facts."

She said people had always reacted positively to the mural, even businesspeople who came to her studio.

"At one point, maybe their grandmother or their grandfather had worked in the mills, so they had a very moving, emotional reaction to the mural," she said. "It touched them in a way because there was this ancestral legacy there."

Demeritt said the administration's decision wasn't designed to antagonize organized labor. In recent weeks, labor groups have been gathering at the State House to protest LePage's budget, which proposes cuts in retirement benefits for unionized state workers and teachers. In addition, LePage has said the state "is going after right-to-work," legislation that labor groups say is designed to destroy unions through a bleeding of finances.

Labor advocates had a strong reaction to the mural's pending removal.

Mike Tipping, a spokesman for the Maine People's Alliance, a progressive organization, said LePage had been "elected to create jobs, not to be the state's interior decorator."

"The LePage administration is going after Maine workers on a bunch of different fronts," Tipping said. "I guess 'Rosie the Riveter' is just another casualty."

Matt Schlobohm of the Maine chapter of the AFL-CIO said it was understandable for the administration to have different priorities. However, he said, a depiction of history should "rise above" political ideology.

"To remove a mural that is a historical depiction just seems arbitrary and mean-spirited," Schlobohm said.

Demeritt said the administration didn't see a problem with the directive.

"It's a very small thing," he said. "I just want to emphasize that we were merely looking to achieve a little aesthetic balance. It's very minor."

Demeritt said he didn't know when the mural would be removed. In her e-mail to the Labor Department, Boyett said there would be a contest to rename the committee rooms.

Demeritt said the rooms could be named "after mountains, counties or something."

One of the current committee rooms is named after Frances Perkins, the U.S. labor secretary under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Perkins became involved in labor reforms following the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that resulted in the deaths of 146 garment workers in New York City.

Friday marks the 100th anniversary of that fire.

Perkins' parents were from Maine. The Frances Perkins Center is in Newcastle.


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Bert Lambert's picture


As most people know, bullies are really cowards who are frightened by seemingly harmless things. LePage feels threatened by a mural and room names that depict actual historic events.

Like most bullies he surrounds himself with authoritarian, ditto heads who help him try to hide his cowardice. They usually made statements like the one that Demeritt made, "It's a very small thing, I just want to emphasize that we were merely looking to achieve a little aesthetic balance. It's very minor." Those statements can best be understood by ascribing to them just the opposite meaning. Another symptom of a bully is bluster that again hides their cowardice - "I'll tell the president to go to hell" - and many other such statements.

Spending thousands of dollars to remove a work of art is more about assuaging LaPage's paranoia. It is a shameful waste of state tax dollars. It reminds one of the Taliban blowing up the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan—stupid and ugly. Recall time, anyone?

 's picture


I suppose we should have been prepared for this sort of thing after a teachers' labor poster was stolen at the Republican convention last year.

Naran Row-Spaulding's picture


It's not appropriate to blame the entire R party for the improper actions of a few people. There were 16 caucus groups meeting at the school that day. The poster incident happened in one room - occupied by the Knox County Caucus. They did not act with R party knowledge or permission.

The other R caucus groups meeting at the school that day knew nothing about the incident. What they did was wrong, and it should have never happened.

On the other hand, it's not fair to blame other people who have no involvement or culpability, merely because they're Republicans.

RONALD RIML's picture

Guv's Spokesman Returned My Call........

Had a decent chat with Dan , with Governor's Spokesman.

A few details not in the report. It appears that the room in which the mural is located is occasionaly used for what I believe are 'Administrative Hearings' where a semi- judicial decision is rendered regarding Labor-Management Issues. Some of the 'Business/Management' parties to these actions have found the murals 'threatening' or indicative of what may be a 'Pro-Labor' stance on the part of those conducting the administrative appeals.

Now that's certainly a valid argument - to move the hearings to another room - or the murals to another location in the Department of Labor.

But Mr. Demeritt states that as the Department of Labor must serve both labor and business, the murals must go. I told him that was nothing more than a thinly-veiled tactic to oppose labor as was being done in Wisconsin and other States.

I do thank him for returning my call and discussing this issue with me in a congenial manner.

AL PELLETIER's picture

you go Ron

Great investigating and your remedy for this stupid mural thing, that is distracting our law makers, makes perfect sense. Good for you!


It's 1984 already

and we're only a tenth of the way to LePage's goal.

There is a single word that - in this case - describes the man who occupies the Blaine House. He is a Philistine.

RONALD RIML's picture

But he's a remarkable embarrassment as a dilletante....

And Faux Passier Extraordinaire!!

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


Gov. Lepages and staff have decided to do labor cleansing in the labor department.
Gov. Lepage seems to be laborphobic . He wants labor history taken off the walls because some business people had a problem, well how many and who are these very offened people --remember his government was to be transparents? Do you think the SJ could find out and interview them? There is a union labor history in Maine or are we going to rewrite history also. There seems to be a lot of blank wall in the Capitol building lets move them there. Middle class workers are the backbone of Maine both union and non union.
who is next?

Jason Theriault's picture

I was........wrong.

I will admit it. I was wrong on this one.

See, I work in the building that the mural is in. So, I decided to check it out. You would think it was on a long wall or something. I was surprised...It is in a small lobby area. It OVERWHELMS the room, and even I felt a little uncomfortable.

Picture 001

So I have to give him a bye on this one.

Jason Theriault's picture

Who disagreed?

Disagreeing with someone saying thanks? Come on...

BTW - Funny thing, when I took this picture, the crew for WGME was filming and getting people to comment, and they filmed me taking this picture. And it made it into the broadcast.

Of course, I took a picture of them filming me taking a picture.

Naran Row-Spaulding's picture

Thank you for the photo, and

Thank you for the photo, and your honesty. To me, after seeing the photo, and hearing your description of the room, it seems as if the murals would be more appropriate in a museum setting.

RONALD RIML's picture

This Anti-Labor Sentiment should be relegated to that

Museum setting for historic examination, rather than it's recently resurrected focus by the Republican Party.

RONALD RIML's picture

More appropiately a Main Entrance Hall

Than hidden in a small conference room.....

And this is what has these 'Business Types' all a'dither???

.....Rx Antipsychotics

Jason Theriault's picture

Thats the thing...It is hidden

The Maine Commerce Center has crazy hallways. (A walking them in a full loop is 1/4 a mile) They have a ton of walls they could have put the mural on, especially in the hallways around the DoL. But they put in in a lobby room they is behind a door.

Put it this way, I have walked past that mural hundreds of times, and never saw it because it was behind a door. I'm telling ya, it is too much for that room.

Anyway, I went and saw it. The pictures don't do it justice in how overpowering it is.

RONALD RIML's picture

Called Governor's Office....

I called the Gov's Office, and was routed to Ms. Patricia Condon, Director of Constituent Services. She claimed to have no knowledge as to why the murals were being removed; when I mentioned the alleged complaints the governor's spokesman, Dan Demeritt received from "some business owners" according to the article, she stated she had no knowledge of that. I asked her to have Mr. Demeritt give me a call. Let's see if that happens.

For those who who care about this travesty - call the Office of the Governor at 287-3531 and ask to speak to someone concerning this matter - and not merely registering a 'comment.'

Greg Rose's picture

I called too

I too called Lepage's office and got the voice mail for Ms. Condon. She did call me back. I asked why the mural was being removed. All she could say was because of a difference of opinion - she did not elaborate. I also asked who is funding Lepage's upcoming TV show. She had no information on that but referred me to Time Warner Cable. I called Time Warner and spoke with a young lady who was very nice but stated that she had no information as to who was sponsoring the show. She offered to forward my contact information to their Public Realtions person. Waiting for that call back. She also gave me the number to Maine VOD the company who is producing the show. Left a voice mail message and waiting for that call. More on that as it develops...

 's picture

No taxpayer money will be

No taxpayer money will be spent on the TV show. It was on the news

Greg Rose's picture

I read that as well.

Which led to my curiosity over who exactly IS paying for it.

Naran Row-Spaulding's picture

The Video Company is Selling Ads to Pay for the Show

Several news articles have stated the video company is selling ads to pay for the show.

RONALD RIML's picture

I see the "Dog & Pony Show" was introduced by TWO

Presidents of different Maine Chambers of Commerce.......

Who'da Thunk It!!! Republican Business $$$ R Us!!

Greg Rose's picture

Time Warner isn't paying for it.

The Public Relations Director at Time Warner called me back. He said that they are not selling advertising for Lepage's show. He said they sold the blocks of time to Maine VOD - the company that will be producing Lepage's show. He also said that they view this the same way as they would view an info-mercial - a block of time is purchased - a DVD is sent to Time Warner and it is aired in the time slot that was purchased. He said that any advertising in the broadcast would arranged by Maine VOD. Time Warner also stated that they had been getting a number of calls regarding this exact issue. A voicemail message that I left for Brian Pomerleau of Maine VOD (1-800-403-8109) has not yet been responded to.

 's picture

Just another example

of LePage's campaign to wipe out the middle class.

 's picture

ART: The enemy or PCness?

The fisherman and the farmer made it onto the state flag. Though certainly farming and fishing is hard work, I think the family farmers and the fishing boat owners these days would be covered in the business owner category.
As people join in to trash unions, think about about many people you know that are working for less than minimum wage; have a disabling workplace injury without worker's compensation; work at a job that doesn't have safe equipment and safe workplace, health and safety rules; or were laid off and didn't have unemployment insurance.
Leave the artwork alone and stop the demogoguery.

 's picture

Farming, fishing, logging etc

Farming, fishing, logging etc is all extremely hard work. These industries employ many workers.

RONALD RIML's picture

Civilized people employ artists......

Your point????

 's picture

I read this and had to

I read this and had to contribute. I agree with Ms Thompson and Mr Savard. Unions did have a big part of maine history, but it is myopic to dedicate 11 panels to this. I have never seen these murals and looking closely they are offensive.
Maine people are historically renowned world wide for work ethic, not unions, even today. The murals should be a celebration of the ingenuity of Maine workers, not strife between the evil corporations (trusts) and unions. But, hysteria reigns I guess. Why not a mural of Hiram Maxim, or the Stanley Brothers. Snowmaking was invented here, all by laborers. The skidder was developed here. Not to mention shipbuilding. My own great grandfather a machinist for Inernational shoe machine helped or singly invented the machines and the TOOLS to manufacture shoes. How about the potato industry and the incredible ingenuity of the farmers. And, lets not forget the contribution of the paper industry and the workers who developed most of that. How about the often not talked about stone and brick masons. Or the carpenters. All, developed and created implements that were so revolutionary for the time most of those tools are still used today.
Let's not forget Marguerite D'Youville quite possibly one of the most diligent and tireless workers of them all.
So, I agree with the Gov. To dedicate 11 murals to Strife is a gross misrepresentation and most of the people of that time I think would find it offensive. Not saying that there wasn't strife, but what is represented is a total history of strife. It's wrong, take them down.

RONALD RIML's picture

Jerome - As you said "I have never seen these murals "

Reportedly the Maine Arts Commission did - and made a "Juried Selection"

So now the Governor is overturning the decison of that Commission based upon unsubstantiated complaints by unidentified businessmen who have failed to place their own mural in their own Department.

That's a pure power grab, Jerome. Plain and Simple.

RONALD RIML's picture

Pure Propaganda by the Governor's Office!!!

"The message from state agencies needs to be balanced," said Demeritt, adding that the mural had sparked complaints from "some business owners" who complained it was hostile to business.

If 'Business' wants the message balanced - they have their own Department in which they may do so. This is nothing but a blatant attempt to silence Labor's Message in their own Department.

The mural is in the Maine Department of Labor. That's 'Labor' - Folks, not 'Business Management and Corporate.'

It would be appropriate for Business and Corporate interests to install their own Mural in the offices of the "Maine Department of Economic & Community Development" which also contains the "Office of Business Development."

The Governor obviously is pushing his weight around and silencing the 'Little People" again for his undisclosed backers with the Big Buck$$ in Big Busine$$.

And they claim Unions are Bullies????

 's picture

Where are the farmers? Where

Where are the farmers? Where are the loggers? Where are the fishermen? This does not represent all workers in Maine. I don't see anyone actually WORKING in these panels.

RONALD RIML's picture

The Farmer and Fisherman are on the State Flag -

You didn't notice????

And they're normally 'In Business" for themselves.

 's picture

Tell that to the loggers and

Tell that to the loggers and truck drivers working in the woods. Also to the blueberry pickers. Not all the fishermen are owners. If it weren't for those who do own these businesses there would be far fewer jobs

Karla Good's picture

First they came for

the paintings.


"First they came..."

I thought of this quote many times since January, Karla. I hope we won't have to say that "no one was left to speak for me."

Greg Rose's picture

What's going to be next?


 's picture

book burnings

Didn't he already close the State Library?
Evidently he can't read or he would have figured that labor unrest is a part of history not a leaning one way or the other. what's next - flash - i've got it .. they want to go to 4 day school weeks so they can put those 6 to 10 year olds to work at 21 cents an hour the other 3 days in all the factories he's attracting to Maine. Kathie Lee Gifford and L L Bean - step right up. Finally, Bean's can sell a product thats actually made in this country.

 's picture


sorry miss taylor but the current dictatorial administration isn't interested in the facts or history but only in lining the already overstuffed pockets of every out of state corporation possible and then attracting them to Maine so they can pollute our environment and pay our workers low wages like they've done elsewhere - Wisconsin for example.
How about if we name the conference rooms Lepage 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5 or maybe something catchy like Goering, Goebbels, Ghadafi, Mabarik, Amin, Duvalier, etc.

I also think we need to have Mr L and his dog Mr Demeritt (I wonder if he curls up by Mr L's desk and has his own water dish) tested for Alzheimers as when a subject comes up, they always have a business that was adversely affected but when asked that businesses name - they can't remember. A classic sign of early onset of Alzheimers. I'll even pay for the test.



It is clear to me that this action is intended to provoke.

Mike True's picture

labor murals

These murals should not be taken down. They are statements about the labor movement in the state of Maine. We have a proud history of earning rights for workers. Mr. LePage is making a greivous political error by disrespecting middle class Americans. Let's please do away with the pensions for ex-governors - they have no trouble finding their next cushy job.

 's picture

Piece of history.........

This mural is a piece of history, not a political toy ! They have way too much time on their hands in Augusta. They need to find something useful to occupy their time.

 's picture

It is most likely going to

It is most likely going to the museum. The mural does show some history but not all.

GARY SAVARD's picture

A mural depicting periods of

A mural depicting periods of strife between labor organizations and business isn't a very neutral viewpoint on Maine's labor history, however, this appears to be not as big a deal as some folks are making it out to be. It is, however, another excuse for liberals to vent.

 's picture


It is time that this admiistration learned about state government. My goodness, they constantly show their ignorance. The Department of Labor was not established to have "pro-business goals." It was established to protect the worker. Their lack of knowledge is embarrassing and dangerous. We must never forget the days when the American worker was abused; and the struggle for better treatment. Demerritt once stated that this administration was not dealing with small issues (like having the Governor pay more toward his retirement package like asking the state employee to do). However, now they are involving themselves in the removal of a mural at the Department of Labor that depicts the struggles that the American worker has historically gone through. This action along with the merging of the legislative Labor Committee with the Business Committee tells me that the LePage administration plans to strip all the rights of Maine worker. This administration is very dangerous.

Jason Theriault's picture

I figured it out

See, LePage campaigned on being the biggest Republican Jackass. I mean, telling Obama to go to hell and more or less telling woman that growing facial hair is no big deal is his bread and butter.

But Walker stole his thunder. I mean, what is tell Obama to go to hell compared to send the state police to arrest state senators. So now that things are quieting down with Wisconsin and Japan, he wants to get back to work making headlines.

Cause it was never about making jobs. If you need a job, you should have worked on his campaign.

 's picture

Department of what?

I suppose we shall see the LePage Admin. holding book burnings at the State Library next.

 's picture


the Titanic is headed for that glacier and just like that tragic night, no one sees it, wow....petty and childish how much more can you defend this ? REALLY? And so far? How much ridiculous crap that has made us the laughing stock nationally and how many jobs? How does taking down "Rosie the Riveter" - acknowledgement for women who stepped up during World War II- create JOBS! why isn't he spending his time creating jobs? I see NO plans, no proposals, no projections, NOTHING about new jobs? Ridiculous and no sense and at all.
perhaps the blame is more ours though, for if the emperor has no clothes is it not our responsibility to remove him from his throne???
How long do we keep "watching and waiting, hoping that he will do something" that will indeed perhaps redeem himself or even help people in this state?
How long do we entrust him with this state before we ourselves become just as morally liable? Will we look back in horror one day and say, "that is when we should have stopped him" or "that was when we really should have acted" because we will be left holding a tragedy in our hands?
We are only into the end of March, and all we have seen so far is jokes and chuckles and immaturity, taking down, stopping, repealing, de-constructing, blocking, not allowing public access, hurting, pain, fear, loss, anger,
NONE of these words are in any way CREATING, building, bringing together, positive
how is he bringing Maine people together? how is he Keeping Maine people's sense of place, pride and connection?
How is he building our sense of community and being in this together so that we can work on these problems together.
He is not. He is divisive. This man breaks down, he shreds, he is abrasive, he laughs at others, separates, makes fun of serious issues, he laughs at others' concerns, he immaturely, publicly ridicules other people,
While I am writing this I realize I have just described a bully. A bully.
We have huge movement across the United States to stop bullying. We know the far reaching impact. We certainly know it is not effective leadership. Yet in our state our Governor is a bully. And some people here think that this is okay and funny.
Me, it nauseates me, it did from the first "verbal punch" because it simply was not good "statesmanship" period, you can read anything I wrote,at the time.
It has continued to sink and sink, to this kind of play ground bullying, Okay, I am going to take down your swing, because last year, you guys painted it green and I don't like green and I definitely don't like that shade of green, so I am going to take the whole thing down. I don't care what it means, I just know that it will piss alot of people off, offend and even hurt some people, so yeah, my need for attention and crisis will get met, I'll have fun and I get to screw you at the same time... and I will be smiling and chuckling ..."ain't I grand"

Larry Worster's picture

Its only

being moved...not taken out and destroyed. Chill.

I am not offended in the least by this, nor do I think it should be a priority. But, I wasn't elected, he was, and this will be another thing to consider when voting next election. I doubt that this will be a big factor.

Recall over this? Seriously people.

 's picture

I have to agree. This is

I have to agree. This is ridiculous.

Greg Rose's picture

When will Lepage's blatant disprespect end?

Presdient Obama. The NAACP. And now... every single person who works hard in this state to support themselves and their families... the same workers who pay the taxes that are giving Lepage his paycheck. The same workers on whose backs Lepage wants to "balance" his budget. Lepage gets his paycheck from taxes paid by all Mainers and yet only 38% of voters elected him. Can he at least show a modicum of respect for the working class?

Mark Elliott's picture

Wrong Greg, this is not an

Wrong Greg, this is not an insult to every worker in Maine. I am not at all insulted by it. This is a mural that is supposed to depict the "history of labor in Maine" yet it focuses on union activities. When I talk of the history of my hometown of Lewiston with the elders, the "strike of 1937" never comes up! The labor department is there to represent ALL workers and a mural depicting the history of labor union activities does not belong there. The Augusta museum maybe, but not in a government building that we ALL own and represent ALL of us.

Greg Rose's picture

Wrong Mark?

Just because I do not share your opinion mine is wrong? No. Hardly. My opinion is my opinion. Your's differs. I would not say that your opinion is wrong. It is yours.

Mark Elliott's picture

Greg you said: "And now...

Greg you said: "And now... every single person who works hard in this state to support themselves and their families... "

You are implying that this is an insult to all Maine workers, I am a Maine worker and am not at all insulted, therefore you are wrong..........you have a right to your "opinion" (actually, it was an uneducated guess, not opinion) and i have a right to call you out and say you are wrong all the while backing up my statement with a fact.......

Greg Rose's picture


You aren't offended. Again Mark, I am not getting into a flame war with you. You have the right to your opinion and I have the right to mine. Thanks for calling me uneducated Mark. I appreciate the personal touch.

Mark Elliott's picture

It's funny how liberals can

It's funny how liberals can speak their mind because it is their constitutional right but when conservatives speak their minds against them, they are just starting a "flame war".............

The way your "opinion" was worded implies that you are speaking "truth" or "fact", "positive knowledge" eg: "And now... every single person who works hard in this state to support themselves and their families... " I simply said you (that statement) are wrong and I am indeed speaking with positive knowledge.

Opinion: a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge ~Merriam Webster

Brad Severance's picture

Wrong Mark,

This retarded extremism needs to stop. How much will this cost to "repeal and replace" anyway? I thought we were saving money, not spending more on "redecorating"?
Besides Mark, if the Union is so bad, I'm sure you could volunteer to work 12 hour days 7 days a week, with no days off, you know, to "put your money where your mouth is"? No?
Eh, let them do whatever they want, When reason is returned to the Blaine House and the rest of America, we'll just have a lot of supidity to undo....But we will.

Mark Elliott's picture

actually Brad, I do just

actually Brad, I do just that! I am in charge of my own destiny. The harder I work, the more successful I am. Nobody tells me I am "working too much", nobody tells me "don't do that, It's not your job!" and most importantly, nobody tells me I have to stop working to support my "brothers" that haven't got the balls to speak for themselves! I am accountable for my own work, yet democrats consistently want to hold me accountable for other's lack of success! I learned to fish and I'm keeping my damn fish!

Brad Severance's picture

How do you justify telling others how to live then?

Then go to your job, do it, or not, and stay out of politics that really, don't seem to concern you , you job or your life one iota Mr. Destiny.

Mark Elliott's picture

Brad you said: "How do you

Brad you said: "How do you justify telling others how to live then?" <<-- WTH?? Where and when did I do that??

Let's see, first you at 6:58am, just getting ready for school?, I hope you brushed your teeth!
then you at 1:43pm.....just get off the bus did you?? Did you get your homework done before getting on the computer?

mine: 12:21pm, the average working class lunch time!

Maine's business climate affects me and my success very much!

Brad Severance's picture

I see what you're trying to do there Mark.

To imply that I am unemployed and that somehow that denegrates my opinion is exactly, what is wrong with you and your party. That's the crux of it though, I'm must be poor, so my opinion doesn't matter according to you and your GOP buddies. What you don't know is that I happen to have a great job, that allows me to work from home and make a lucrative salary. I'm sorry your jelousy of this fact will surely cloud your judgement, as it has clouded your ability to see the bennefit to all from Union activity. My advice to you hoss is to get over your self and your preconcieved notions of what a "liberal" thinks, feels or does for a living, as you have no clue past what Fox news has told you to think. Time to grow up now there Mark.

Mark Elliott's picture

Actually Brad, your previous

Actually Brad, your previous response was so childish, I had to assume you were a schoolboy, hence the reference to "brushing your teeth, homework" etc.....nowhere in my comment did I say anything to imply you were poor. That is just your preconceived notion steering your mindset. Don't assume I am jealous as i can do as well as I want to, there is nobody telling me to slow down or wait for the rest...........my own destiny, remember?

Brad Severance's picture

No Mark, you keep using the word destiny...

But, what you are obviously talking about instead is your Density. So your going to copy me and cite preconcieved notions...wow Mark, you call me childish, and then resort to "I'm rubber, you're glue.." and palgerism (which you've already been busted for once on this site)...Yeah, your an Icon of maturity there, Mr. Density. All this is acedemic, your boy LePage is just working himself out of a job, so in the end, the problem is a self correcting one. You are no more in control of your destiny than anyone else. You'll pay the taxes you are told to, stand in the lines you are told to, and you'll pay what you are told to for the items you want to buy. So good luck with being in control of your life..lol..I hope that illusion never gets broken for you, because reality bites. So how's that proof of Unions using taxpayer dollars to push their pro leftist agenda coming? Still none yet? Yeah, That's what I thought.

Mark Elliott's picture

ah..."preconceived notions"

ah..."preconceived notions" is a widely used expression and even if it was all yours, two words hardly constitutes "palgerism" (the rest of us call it "plagiarism" but since you are the educated one, I'll use your spelling so I don't look like a fool) Not once have I been "busted" for "palgerism" or "plagiarism" for that matter, on here or any other blog. If you believe I did, then link to it so we can ALL see it.

As usual Brad, you have included in your post, claims that I have said things that I have not. Not once did I ever claim unions were using tax monies to push their agenda. Again, if you really believe that, then back up your claim with a link that we can ALL read. I'll be waiting.....

Mark Elliott's picture

aaaaaand waiting........

aaaaaand waiting........

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Have fun with that. I'm going to go live my life without you, or your assenine opinions. Bye!

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Create jobs--yup, he hired his daughter. Streamline Augusta--yup, he took down a mural.
Now that's progress!

Removal of mural!

Talk about paranoia and lack of class Shameful, is what it is!


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