Short-sighted attitude

Maine is an aging state whose most educated and ambitious young people regularly leave for city lights or more sparkly opportunities.

Immigrants are people — many of them young — who actually want to be here.

I am an immigrant. I've been grateful to be here for 32 years and have paid taxes all that time, contributing to the economy.

The legal immigrant who is given help for a year or two could be an entrepreneur who needs to get on her feet before paying substantial taxes. He could be your grandchildren's math teacher who needs a year to work on language skills. She could be an engineer who hasn't found a job yet. He could be the LPN who looks after you in the nursing home, but who doesn't get benefits with the job.

It's incredibly short-sighted not to extend a helping hand to the future tax base of this state, quite apart from the xenophobic message it sends to the rest of the country.

Mary Hunter, Lewiston

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 's picture

The point being

that there is a decided difference between legal and illegal immigrants. I'm all for LEGAL immigration and will gladly help out those in need. The ILLEGAL ones who sneak across the border in the back of a van in the middle of the night and then bear anchor children in order to secure a place in this country are the ones that I have a problem with. My grandparents immigrated to this country legally and made lives for themselves without the helping hand of the government. If they could do it after WWI and during the Great Depression, then people sure as He!! ought to be able to do it now.

RONALD RIML's picture

Ed, how many illegals do we have crossing over from Canada????

Can you share with us the problems this has created in Maine?

How many Canadians do they get in the back of a van?? Surely they don't come here for medical care!!??

 's picture

But there is not now, and

But there is not now, and never has been an illegal immigrant issue in the state of Maine. It's another myth made up by the current administration, as well as some others during the most recent election cycle. It's a common tactic, raise a non existent issue, scare people into believing something is being taken away from them, and get elected though you have no real qualifications for the job. You are absolutely right, there is a big difference between legal and illegal immigrants, the illegal ones really don't exist in our state. What the myth does is promote the long standing attitude of fear here. That is fear of people who are different in the way they look, sounds or talk.
If we live our lives surrounding ourselves with only people who look like us, come from the same place as us, and think like us, we will die very very lonely souls.


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