Recalling the governor

Recently, I have been reading the newspaper in Madison, Wisc., where, as people here probably know, there is a movement in progress by the citizens there to try and recall their governor. He has angered many people due to his adamant determination to stop collective bargaining for state workers.

Sounds like people in Maine need to do the same thing with Gov. Paul LePage.

First of all, he got into the Blaine House with 39 percent of the vote (I know he is not the first to do so).

Secondly, it seems he is trying to turn Maine into the rest of the industrialized, over-polluted, over-populated U.S.

Mainers are struggling, but so are people in other states. How is reducing clean air quality, keeping toxins in plastic baby bottles and children's pajamas going to improve Maine?

In a state that has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma, why is there a need to set the clock back on current improvements in clean air? And why encourage sprawl without adequate oversight that could lessen environmental problems that might result later?

Gov. LePage should know there is a reason why travel and tourism is the number one industry in Maine.

With the world being swamped with carbon dioxide, clearing the north woods of oxygen-replenishing trees and replacing them with asphalt and septic systems sounds like a very, very bad idea.

Sounds a lot like New Jersey to me. Why doesn’t Gov. LePage go and live there?

Jenny Orr, West Paris

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Recalling the governor

Jenny ,
Enjoyed your letter . New Joisey ? The Garbage State ? Jelloware ( Delaware - home to DuPont chemical corp. and other m i g h t y corporations ) might possibly be the more appropriate localé . b t w - Get enough signatures and you , too , couldd force a recall . Aloha from Pahoa , HI , birthplace of our President [ Hawai'i - not Pahoa ] and Happy Prince Kuhio Day State holiday 4 day weekend :)

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Whinning business people

Why is it that when business supports reply to anyone making a factual statement that they don't like all they do is whine and whine and whine. And then change the subject.
1. There is no retirement fund issue because democrats fixed McKernan's raid on the fund some years back. The rating agencies say there is no problem. The numbers say there is no problem. But LePage must create a phony crisis to justify implementing his daconian anti-labor, anti-family, anti-child, pro-business destruction of Maine as we know it.
2. Inspite of the Bush recession of 2007 and the dumping of cheap chinese products in Maine (and nationally due to the Republicans changes in laws to enable that to happen), the Democrats have since 1972 re-built Maine's business environment. All Democrats ask is that business activities don't harm the state or its citizens. Those business that don't do well those that due well good riddens.
3. State workers receive 5% less in wages and benefits than there counterparts in the private sector.
4. As for at least he's doing something, anything. Mussolini made the trains run on time.

Mark Elliott's picture

Um....Jenny, the reason

Um....Jenny, the reason travel and tourism is our number one industry is because we have nothing else!.........much like winning a race because everyone in front of you fell down doesn't exactly make you a fast runner!

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

The only recalling you'll be

The only recalling you'll be doing is twenty years from now when you can sit back and recall how someone in the Blaine House did something...anything, for once.

Brad Severance's picture

Like I can recall

How we got into this 4 Billion Dollar retirement quagmire to begin with, the last time a conservative "in the Blaine House did something" McKernan, raiding the retirement fund to balance the budget. Yeah, do "Anything" alright...That's JUST what they want to do, or, don't you recall?


And over the previous 16 years, ...

... we had two liberals in the Blaine house who did nothing to fix the problem. Instead, they expanded state government as fast as possible, while herding private sector businesses and jobs out of state.

Brad Severance's picture

Actually Mike, That's incorrect..

Even LePage admitted that when Baldacci left office, there were 1,100 Less State Employees than when he took office, and if it were not for the State Retirement boondoggle (which started when Gov. McKernan started raiding it illegally to balance the budget) Maine's financial woes have actually been overstated by our good friends at the Maine Heritage Center, you know, the guys that pull the current Gov's strings? The sky isn't falling, and quite frankly, Business doesn't come to Maine because we don't have enough workers trained in , well, anything really, Our Kids get educated and go somewhere else, instead of staying in Maine and reinvesting that education in a state that seems to want to punish them as know nothing "elities", instead of the smart folk we really need to fuel and run our state. That's what you get when you teach your kids it's all about ME...


If there are fewer state employees ...

... most of them have a much better situation than the rest of us who pay to support them, thanks to Baldacci. Since you seem to have the numbers at your fingertips, how many state employees were there in 1/95 vs 1/03?

You're blaming the kids?! Wow, that's a new one. Those ungrateful yard-apes get educated here and then leave to find a job, which is why businesses don't come here. Baloney.

Business stays away because the taxes, regulations and expenses scare them from even considering Maine, no matter the number of educated workers we have.

RONALD RIML's picture

You mean business actually loved??

Our lousy transportation infrastucture and long, cold winters necessitating high heating bills......

It was just Brute Baldi who chased them all away with his 56" chest and bulging biceps.....

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

It's all of the above... The

It's all of the above... The infrastructure sucks, taxes on business are high, workers are increasingly either underqualified or Maine standards require paper quals that exceede common sense for typical labor positions. I remember as a 20 something how anywhere in the country, Maine people were hireable due to the broad range of skills required just to survive. Now it's a joke given the number of Mainers on the welfare teat. Really, if you want to work in a successful environment, go somewhere else.

RONALD RIML's picture

I can actually sell quality books here

Thanks to tourism, the internet and especially overseas shipping.

But I must admit, Lewiston has a quality library in spite of itself....... Too bad LePage never went in there to get warm or eat his stolen candy when he was out on the streets.....

Terry Donald's picture

Recall, if we only could.

Recall, if we only could. Would someone ask the attorney general for an opinion on whether we could take that action?
Oh, forgot, the attorney general works for LePage not for the citizens. Just like that office would not look into the illegality of the appointment made to Maine's DEP, he wouldn't dare take a look into something like a recall.
Oh well, how many more days??????

GARY SAVARD's picture

Yes Terry, the AG is

Yes Terry, the AG is appointed by Lepage, just like Baldacci before him appointed the AG. Your whining is sooo sad!


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