Museum L-A officials: 'We'll take mural'

LEWISTON — Museum L-A officials have made it known to state officials they are "very interested" in having the Department of Labor's controversial labor mural.

Museum Director Rachel Desgrosseilliers said Friday she had contacted Labor Department officials after being "bombarded by phone calls over the last few days. People felt that it should come here because of its manufacturing past."

The mural is composed of 11 panels depicting various labor themes and was painted by Seal Cove artist Judy Taylor.

On Friday afternoon, Gov. Paul LePage's office announced it was the administration's intention to loan the mural to the city of Portland to be displayed at Portland City Hall.

Desgrosseilliers expressed disappointment with the decision by LePage, who grew up in Lewiston, but said she was still hopeful the museum would get a chance to show off the mural.

She said the mural's presence at Museum L-A would be particularly fitting, given that several of the mural's scenes depict events and professions connected with Lewiston-Auburn and the tri-county area, and because the museum prides itself in connecting history and art.

State Sen. Margaret Craven, D-Lewiston, also was disappointed by the governor's decision. She said she had been working with the deputy commissioner of labor and others over the past few days in an effort to bring the mural to Lewiston. She said Friday evening that regardless of the Portland plan, she hoped the mural could at some point be in Lewiston, even if only as part of a traveling exhibit.

The Portland City Council is set to vote April 4 on whether to accept the loan of the mural.

— By Mark Mogensen, news editor

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 's picture


It belongs in a musem

 's picture


It belongs in a musem


Changing ooffice decor can be

Changing ooffice decor can be a good thing, and bringing up labors woes and promotion of strikes etc. may not be the best thing to have at an office charged with bringing new industry to the State. A museum such as Museum L-A is an ideal place to showcase the struggles of the working person. Certainly strikes and the organized labor movements are a part of Lewiston's history, more so than Portland. Presenting the timeline of manufacturting jobs disappearing from Lewiston-Auburn would probably also be an ideal tie in. We thought it was great to see the unions stand up to management and get wage and other concessions. About 1954 when we saw the Androscoggin close down and move to lower cost States, we should have seen the light. This timeline of the twin Cities growth and demise could be a great stimulator to make people think of how great this country was and where we are now before we reach a dead end. Hopefully it could bring about the need of labor and management cooperating for the greater good of all.


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