Hunters have the answer

Any deer processor or hunter can tell what to do to bring Maine's deer herd back.

First thing is to cut down on doe permits or cut them out completely for two years.

Next, is to have a bounty on coyotes.

What I heard on the news recently, from supposedly smart people (who are not so smart), was to protect the deer yards. Well, they are not going to tell deer where to find a yard in the winter; the deer will go where they want to go.

I'm pretty sure it is all about money, not deer.

Tom Hart, Lewiston

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Lisa Lindsay's picture


How about instead of a general bounty, you hire a few experienced, trustworthy hunters around the state who can target true problem coyote populations as issues arise?
And how about all the pregnant deer that have been killed by humans (in their vehicles) this week alone?
And how about the fact that we killed off all the natural predators of coyotes a long time ago?
And when are we going to admit to all the poaching in this state and start turning people in instead of turning a blind eye?
How about all of the cover that has been lost in the northern part of the state due to poor forestry practice?
There is more to this and you are over-simplifying.

Timothy Cox's picture

really again

You make it to simple also, first off there have never been vast herds of dear in northern Maine. although I do agree that cutting then replanting a commercil tree is not beneficial to any animal. A mixture of plant spicies and growth is what is importatnt to most animals and yes a place of protection, water, food and in an arangment thats allows them access too. Why hire people on a payroll that we have not the money for when we do indead have many qualified people who would take care of the coyote problem. Most dont have the insentive to do so. Cars ok enforce speeding laws, pass a law that tells deer they cant cross the road or give up autos again no easy solution there either. Poachers we agree on totally, nuf said


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