The worst governor

I am a Franco-American and am proud of my heritage, but I believe that honoring Gov. Paul LePage at the Franco-American Heritage Center on March 16 was a big mistake.

LePage, as governor, is increasingly becoming a disgrace, not only to the Franco-American heritage, but to the majority of the people of Maine.

A governor who tells the president of the United States to "go to hell," who doesn't seem to care that women "grow beards" or that children be exposed to toxic chemicals, acts like a dictator while firing a well-qualified person is not a governor that I, as a Franco-American, can be proud of.

Credit be to him for admitting that he was a thief, as he confessed on March 16 (he admitted stealing Halloween candy from others when he was a child). As governor (a position he practically stole, with only one-third of the votes), he stubbornly insists on stealing from the poor workers to give to the rich, bringing Mainers back to the days prior to the F.D.R. years when workers were treated like slaves.

History will not only recognize Paul LePage as the first publicly elected Franco-American governor, but will, undoubtedly, recognize him as the worst and most destructive governor Maine ever had.

That is a distinction that I am not proud to have as part of the Franco-American heritage.

He should have been given a medal of "dishonor."

Donald LaBranche, Lewiston

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Bob Deschenes's picture

The worst governor

I'd be willing to donate time and effort for the impeachement Bob Deschenes

 's picture

Worst governor ...

... except for Baldacci, King, McKernon, ... Thievery has a long tradition among Maine politicians. LePage had his experience as a desperate child, the other as calculating adults, who seem immune to embarrassment.

The history of the Maine worker is not the same as the history of unions in Maine, although the unions and their political bedfellows would like you to believe they're the same. A mural celebrating unions has no place at all in a state government building.


Gov. Paul LePage:

As a citizen of Maine and being of franco-american heritage, I am embarrassed to recognize him as our governor. He was a thief as a child and remains a thief.
Stealing candy is one thing, but stealing the memories of the working class is another.
While I am on the subject of stealing, I wish he would leave the unions and the State Employess and Teachers alone. There is no crisis. What he wants to do is steal money from another account to make himself look like a hero. From what I read in today's paper, he has no right to remove those murals.
Is it too early to "recall" this so-called governor?

Timothy Cox's picture


Sore losers, we just got rid of the worse gov we ever had, we are in debt billions taxes are way way to high for the size of the state and the cost of living is to high for the working person. Welfare has gone over the roof with everyone qualifing even working people with a modest income, It's impossible to start a business and get it going because of regulations, properity taxes, terrible roads, tolls you name it. LePage is going to try to fix it and everyone blasts him cause he tells it like it is, someone has to look out for the working man and not a union as they are, Everyone has their hand out to get something from the state.

Mike True's picture


Welfare gone over the roof - yes. Why is this happening? Is it because people don't want to work? I think not. Our national policy of free trade made the US market available to countries that do not have labor standards and enviromental restrictions. So the proud manufacturing foundation of the L-A area has been decimated. It is hard to start a business because we are not sharing the wealth equitably. The wealthiest Americans have done very well over that past 50 years - but labor and middle class America has not done well. So the market for goods is reduced. Unions came into existence to redistribute the wealth created by manufacturing more equitably - now industry and corporations have 'outsourced' us to death. I am not especially sore about LePage winning the governorship - but the solution is not to deregulate - it is to redevelop fundamental industries like shoes, textiles, leather, paper, ... right in this country. Sadly I do not see this happening unless we address our so called 'free-trade' position - which corporations support because it allows them to produce goods with exploitation of men, women and children in foreign lands. That is not to mention the enviromental degradation that happens as well. Make nomistake about it -corporation overwhlemingly supported Lepage and his anti - labor positions - which my friend will not help us working stiffs.

Timothy Cox's picture


I never said that welfare is high because people dont want to work, and I agree that the free trade agreements hurt but these arn't the current governors fault or the states fault. Having been in unions before and even a union official for a time I think that the current unions as they are do not help the average worker and they have lost their usefullness as they are now. Good watchdogs for health and safety in the workplace yes but I have also watched unions destroy communities and families in the name of showing the man. Yes industry has moved out but most except privately owened corps do so because the cost of doing what they do is to high in this country and They answer to STOCK HOLDERS WHO DEMAND HIGHER PROFITS. But goverment increasing regulations isnt certainly going to help if that is one of the reasons for companies leaving. And I ask you how is goverment going to redevolop any industry explain how that happens with private industry? You have to understand that goverment can create no job that contributes to the economy they can only use tax money period... they can help no industry except off the tax payers back period. Stimulis mony can create a temp job but its a false job supported by a tax payer, The only way for goverment to redevolop or help a industry that does not cost the taxpayer is to deregulate to make it easier to do business. Now before you say it I will say that I do not want to see widespread destruction of envrimental laws but the system can be streamlined to make it easier all it takes is some common sense witch has been lacking in all levels of goverment for years. Remember a poor person never made a job for someone so dont bite the hand that feeds you. Goverment never can feed you for long our pyramid is upside down we have a small tax base trying to balance a ever increasing burden from above. reditribute the wealth.... let me ask you if you have a business and work your butt off for years and build it from nothing would you (and really think about this) want a union or goverment to walk in and tell you that you make to much and you have to share it with someone that has not contributed to your business. I dont want to see that, I've had business and if my employees worked hard had my business at heart then they got payed accordingly as their hard work is what helped make my profit but as soon as a union came in and told me that everyone needed more of my profit even if they were not worth it and I cant fire them for lack of production then I close the doors as its not worth it to me so now their are people out of work. I want to see something for my effort same as my worker but I will not pay someone more than they are worth because some union says I should.

Mike True's picture


Mr. Cox
Thank you for your thoughtful response. Unions are not perfect - but workers do need protection - and it is good for the economy to have a strong middle class consumer. The shrinking tax base is due to lost jobs and disproportionately small share paid by large corporations (off shore tax shelters and tax loop holes) and the wealthiest wage earners. Most economists do not think that stimulus jobs are 'false' - by injecting money and jobs into the system - real growth is stimulated - by increasing demand for goods and services. We are a mixed economy which requires that the government do things that are not well suited for private enterprise - such as security, education and welfare. My personal view is that the government should not give welfare - but make it available for work performed -ie. the government should be the employer of last resort. We could clean and rebuild our cities. Effective unions do not tell the corporation how to run the business, rather it works collabratively to build a more efficient operation. Most workers have a interest in the long and short term profitability of their employer. Finally I would add, that no man became rich without help from others and to my mind there are no 'poor' people - only those who have no money (or with negative monetary standings.)

Timothy Cox's picture


I dont think we are very far apart in our views and it is nice to have soeone on the other end that can actually express themselves witout all the emotion. You are correct in all your last statements and i will add that yes a rich man usally dosen't get that on his own, some yes but it's usally with the help of others but indeed it is the rich man that hires. Goverment may stimulate in the shot term but it is not sustanable; private companies must take over for the long term benefit. I agree with your statement about tax loop holes but again that is the fault of our and I stress our goverment that we elect. I is ultnatily our fault for allowing our goverment to be controlled by special intrest no matter whom it is. I am a firm believer in doing away with all business corperation and other taxes and have a flat sales tax on all items at wholesale level. competition will keep costs down companies pay no corp tax indivduals pay no income tax, that way the rich pays taxes on what he spends as well as the working man. if your income is below a certain level you get money back, if you have enough to buy a expensive car you pay that tax if its a inexpencive car you pay that tax, no loop holes no deductions no breaks the owner pays depending on his purchases and the worker also. the rich will eventually spend what they have as they can't take it with them it's always there someone will spend it. Companies get a big break in that they dont pay all the taxes to stay in business all people associated with the company pay when they spend what they earn from wages to stoc In a perfect world yes unions would work with companies to improve work enviroments health and bottom line for the company so everyone benefits but that isnt what happens now, unions want to keep the status quoenregardless of the outcome or what effect it has on the economy, That is why I do not believe that public unions should be able to strike or hold goverment to higher wages. that seems to me to be what they are worried about more than weather the goverment state or local or fed can afford it or not. I am very fearfull that the economey will colapse this next few months because everyone seems to be saying they want cuts and balanced budgets but not if it effects them or what they get for free. That is the attitude that I hate. Then there are the people such as a lot on the web that dont believe that we are in a crises and its going to get worse, you can only hide your head in the sand so long. It is no one governor or one politican that is at fault, IT"S OUR FAULT IF THESE THINGS HAPPEN<<<<< OURS Give LePage a chance he's only been there a few months lets see what happens, because he opens his mouth somtimes(maybe often) and inserts foot dosn't at this point mean anything but people get upset. Bless you for your thoughts

Greg Rose's picture

Nicely Stated Mr. LaBranche

Lepage doesn't care about his Franco-American Heritage. He doesn't care about working class Mainers. He doesn't care about the poor and less fortunate. He cares about the rich. He cares about making his campaign donors happy. Run of the mill working Mainers don't even appear as a blip on his myopic radar screen.


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