Maine outdoes Pa. with half-ton whoopie pie

SOUTH PORTLAND — They’ve made whoopie in Maine. A big whoopie pie.

Whoopie Pie
Cheryl Senter/Associated Press

Amy Bouchard, owner of Wicked Whoopies, fourth from right, gets help putting the 180-pound devil’s food cake top on the 1,000-plus-pound Whoopie Pie at the Maine Mall in South Portland on Saturday.

In an effort to outdo Pennsylvania, a Maine radio station teamed up with a whoopie pie maker to create a massive one, topping the scales at 1,067 pounds Saturday.

State Reps. Paul Davis and Emily Cain, sponsors of a bill to declare the whoopie pie Maine’s official “treat,” were on hand as it was assembled at the Maine Mall in South Portland.

The idea was to outdo Pennsylvania, where people created a 250-pound whoopie pie in September at an annual festival in Lancaster County.

“We’re just stealing the title from them,” said Randi Kirshbaum, program director of WMGX, a radio station that teamed up with a business called Wicked Whoopies to make the huge treat.

A friendly competition has broken out since Maine tried to claim the whoopie pie, which consists of chocolate cakes filled with creamy frosting. Pennsylvania took exception to Maine’s claim, saying whoopie pies were actually invented by the Amish.

A forklift was needed to manage the devil’s food top and bottom, baked beforehand.

A big crowd who watched the event got to eat some samples. Kirshbaum imagined after that experience, some might be sick of whoopie pies for a bit.

Other parts of the giant whoopie will be wrapped up and sent to Maine troops overseas. And others will go to a local food bank.

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Woopie Pie

Wow!!! Way to go Maine!!!

Woopie Pie

Wow!!! Way to go Maine!!!


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