Concern for the environment

This is in response to the guest column (March 20) by Tom Carroll of Patriot Renewables in which he made some pretty serious claims.

Carroll stated that, somehow at the DEP meeting about the Saddleback Ridge Wind Project held in Carthage, speaker sign-up sheets disappeared. During the course of three-and-a-half hours of public testimony, I am not aware of anyone raising a hand to say that they had been denied the opportunity to speak. Out of more than 100 people in attendance, I heard about four pro-project speakers and not a peep about missing sign-up sheets.

Carroll also claimed that he has had threats on his life, his home and has been called a "baby-killer." In 16 months of working in opposition to this project, I have never heard (and would not tolerate) words like that spoken in private meetings or phone conversations.

It continues to elude some people, including Carroll, as to why Mainers outside of Carthage would wish to express their opinion on this project. Many people recreate and live around this project and have concern for environmental, human and wildlife issues. The project site is highly visible from many communities, as well as from Mt. Blue State Park.

Criticism has been focused on the project and laws and issues pertaining to industrial wind development in Maine. The impact from a large-scale wind project like this does not stop at the Carthage town line.

Lisa Lindsay, Wilton

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 's picture

thank you

I think there is more coming about the wind industry. I know of many that put pen to paper.
BUT, Tom Carroll spoke first. You know about first impressions.
Thank You for doing what your heart says to do.
I try to go a day without planning how to stop the madness, cannot be done.
My heart is breaking.

 's picture

What can you expect from 80

What can you expect from 80 to 100 turbines proposed to be built in the river valley ? Look at what is happening in Germany where too much wind is too much to handle………..More than one third of Germany's 21,500 wind turbines are located in the nation's east. This concentration of generating capacity regularly overloads the region's electricity grid, threatening blackouts………….. one third of 21,500 turbines is 7170.………. Germany’s population is 60 times Maine’s population……………. The equivalent turbine number threatening to bring blackouts to the River Valley area is 7170 divided by 60, or 120 turbines………..Customers will not tolerate blackouts…….The solution: more technological adaptations to the grid to accommodate wind and big costs passed to the ratepayers. There are too many unforeseen consequences with wind to expect stability to occur, politically or economically.

 's picture

Thank you

Thank you, Lisa, for your 'voice of reason'. Mr. Carroll was clearly in panicked 'damage control mode' when he wrote that commentary, throwing out wild accusations because he is worried that the winds are changing. Apparently he was unprepared for such opposition to his wind project, and he was attempting to sway the public-- not with facts, but with more wind industry innuendo and rhetoric.

If that sign-up sheet existed, we would have heard about it that night, by those who supposedly signed up to speak.

If his life were being threatened, he would have reported it to the police with specific details.

Instead, this businessman insulted the locals who were standing up in true, American fashion and telling a state agency which works for them, what they would like it to do.

Mr. Carroll works for Patriot Renewables... the same company which recently offered a bribe to the citizens of Woodstock, saying PR would 'donate' $120,000.00 to save teaching positions (for one year) if they did not have to spend more on legal fees in regards to their Spruce Mountain project. They were attempting to use neighbor against neighbor-- hoping pressure from the town residents would persuade those who are appealing the DEP's approval of the permit to drop their appeal. Shameful.

Corporate interests are trying to poison the River Valley. It's time the wind lobby realized that their scare tactics and behind-closed-door deals and wild accusations are no longer working. Locals have seen through their aura of benevolence.

I hope the residents will continue to show good judgement and strength of character.

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., Maine


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