Unfair competition

Children in Maine grow up together and play sports in their respective schools through their growing years, many with the thought of “someday” winning a state championship.

Well, the Maine Principals' Association (which should change its name to World Principals' Association) has other ideas. Sad that local kids, when they reach high school level, now have to also compete with kids from all over the world.

I have no problem with private schools recruiting kids for their sports programs. What I do have a problem with is that they are in the same tourney that the local kids are.

There are now enough private schools for them to hold their own tourney and let the best recruiting team win.

That would leave the local kids to play for a Maine championship against other local kids from Maine. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

The schools in Class D should really be up in arms about a team called A.R. Gould out of Portland. They play (at least, they did last year) all home games and yet have the same chance for the Gold Ball that teams that play twice as many games and half on the road.

Fair? I think not.

Sad that the WPA ... oops, MPA, cannot understand that. Real sad.

Jon Holmes, Dixfield

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Well said Jon

It's time to clump all the private schools togther and let them have their own tournament. But let's go one step further. Non privates are now recruiting the same way because of the current set-up. There are superintendent agreements between schools etc. that should not be allowed. With the new RSU system set-up none of these things should be happening. One more steo Jon RSU 10 should not be playing RSU 10. This has to stop also. So you see the whole system has to change but people can't except change so that makes the WPA or MPA admins. do nothing.

Jason Theriault's picture

A.R. Gould = Juvy

AR Gould is part of(or connected to) Long Creek Youth Development Center, i.e. Juvenile corrections. Of course they aren't going on away games. And are you accusing the Maine DoJ of unfairly recruiting?

Listen, our kids need to "man uo". Oh no, you might get blown out? So what? I played on teams where we would both destroy and get destroyed by opponents. As a kid, I was lucky enough to play in 2 regional tournaments, and in one, we got killed.

It crushed my spirits and made me the broken man I am today.... Oh wait, not it DIDN'T crush my spirits. It taught me to lose like a man. Sometimes in life, you get run over by those you compete against, and those who learn early that it's not a big deal and you just need to get back up and try again do better in life.

Terry Donald's picture

Don't fear what you don't know

There is really nothing to fear here. People of different color, religion and opinion are what make this world beautiful. I would ask how you would legislate your idea about keeping competition amongst "local kids". How long do you have to live here to be termed local. do your parents have to be from here? Did you have to be born here? Or is it ok that you moved here before you started school, what of you moved here in the 3rd grade, 4th grade?
In sport, teams and players get better by playing against better competition. Often, that better competition comes from people who are of different races and nationalities than we are. There are many reasons why a town the size of say Pittsburgh PA puts many many more kids into college on athletic scholarships than the entire state of Maine every year, but one of them is their diversity and our lack of it. Embrace diversity and welcome it into our borders!

Bob Woodbury's picture

Local kids...

...attend public schools. The letter writer is absolutely correct. There are enough private schools, including religion-based schools which also recruit, for there to be a tournament just for private schools and another tournament for public schools. Easy, eh?


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