Labor mural removal mentioned on Colbert Report

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Deborah Brown's picture

No Surprise!

It's absolutely no surprise that such outrageous and ridiculous behavior ends up on a comedy show. Before it's over LePage will probably set the Guiness record for the most times a Governor has been the source of comedy show jokes. The man is a self-centered bully who behaves as if laws, rules and contracts don't apply to him. He's seems oblivious the real world around him. He's like a redneck Governor.



Another program making fun of Maine. Thanks "I think its LePage" too bad they could not get his name right and forget which state he is making a laughing stock out of.

 's picture


don't worry - they didn't see the colbert report or the daly show. they were busy thinking up new ways to deprive us of our rights and piss us off. it's worked so far.

LePage is so against the people..

Unfortunately, LePage doesn't give a rats a*@ about the people of Maine. All he is concerned about is taking away everything that we have worked for our whole lives. I'm sure the reason he ran for office is for the benefits he gets and will get for being governor. It isn't because he cared about making our lives easier or helping the people.. His true colors have come out, but the people that voted for him are color blind!

 's picture

Did we elect a laughingstock intentionally?

No, but we got one. He's done nothing to improve Maine. No Jobs. Nothing except to get on Colbert. I hope his new TV show, "I can't answer reporters' questions", will be moved to its appropriate venue - the Comedy Channel.

Greg Rose's picture

The sad part is...

Colbert's sarcasm is more than likely completely lost on Lepage and his ilk.


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