Judge rejects plea agreement

LEWISTON — Bilow Farah was scheduled to enter a plea in Androscoggin County Superior Court on Monday morning, in connection with a January 2010 accident at the Lewiston High School, but the judge rejected the plea deal as too lenient.

Asked in court if the case would now go to trial, Farah's attorney, Jeffrey Dolley of Lewiston, said, "I don't know."

Farah, 34, of Lewiston was charged with driving to endanger and operating without a license after losing control of her car at the Lewiston High School, and striking LHS student Kelsey Cope-Norris.

Farah pleaded not guilty to the charges last April.

Farah was at the school to drop off her children on Jan. 14, 2010, and, according to a Lewiston police affidavit, as she started to leave her vehicle went off the roadway and down a paved walking path.

Cope-Norris, who was on that path, was knocked to the ground and Farah's vehicle ran over the then 17-year-old girl. Cope-Norris suffered broken bones in the accident.

After Cope-Norris fell, Farah's vehicle kept moving, hitting seven parked, unoccupied vehicles.

According to police, Farah was operating the vehicle with an expired driver's permit and was not licensed to drive the car. The car was registered to her.

Farah had requested a bench trial that was scheduled to begin Monday morning, but she and Dolley, her court-appointed attorney, reached a plea agreement with the District Attorney's Office. After getting details of the agreement Monday, the court rejected the agreement because the recommended sentence was too lenient. The judge asked the two sides to continue their talks, or prepare for trial later this spring.


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It's about time the judicial

It's about time the judicial system started putting their foot down when it comes to sentences people receive. Maybe if people had to face the consequences for their actions they would be more apt to make good choices and not bad. As far as this woman goes, if she gets that impatient waiting to pick up her children from a school how is she with them at home. If she can run over another person's child and hit multiple vehicles in her impatience then what is she doing when her children act up at home. She is also charged with driving with an expired learner's permit...how many laws will she be allowed to break before she has to face the real consequences for her actions. The fact that she happens to be Somali should not make a difference. It's about time ALL people who live in this state start obeying the laws of this state and accepting the consequences for their actions. Maybe then we can get the youth of today under control. And just a quick observation......how long before this woman and her lawyer claim the judge is discriminating because she is Somali????

Kim Berry's picture

Non patient person doesnt feel like waiting! ...

.... for the school kids!? I remember this one, I have spoken to people who there! This was a Somalian woman, who was seen waiting and getting impatient. She was reportedly trying to pass people or cars wanting to get out onto the road or whatever! How tragic! A young woman was run right over! OMG How tolerant are we now? Assault with a dealy weapon should include a motor vehicle.
Sorry to the family of the young woman who was mowed down. And all the people who's vehicles were damaged by this person.
I have an older vehicle, and would not be able to afford autobody repairs if this had happened to ME. I cannot imagine that this African Refuge that is on welfare is going to be able to pay restituion for 8 victoms.
... ** in peace **

Kim Berry's picture

welfare recipients are not ALL irresponsible ...

... people. I know many who are making it through life the best they can, and are giving kind people who are patient, and working on an education or work searching. There are many who are dealing with disabitlities and struggling w/them while trying to get by. Not everybody is this way. Sometimes there are those who do not appreciate a darn thing that they are given and always expect more.

 's picture

A judge in Maine is saying

A judge in Maine is saying that something is too lenient. There must be a god.


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