Maine woman shot by officer hit multiple times

KENNEBUNK, Maine (AP) — The Maine Medical Examiner's office says a Kennebunk woman shot to death by a police officer was hit multiple times.

Thirty-nine-year-old Katherine Paulson was killed Sunday.

Kennebunk police say Paulson was shot by Officer Joshua Morneau after she had confronted him with some type of weapon when he and another officer had been called to her home.

The Maine Attorney General's office is investigating the shooting to determine whether it was justified.

Kennebunk police Lt. Anthony Bean Burpee tells the Portland Press Herald the department plans to do its own investigation as well.

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Kim Berry's picture

I read back, today they judged "justified"

Now, that's messed up. I know about the "deadly force used on a deaf guy, who was having dinner. He didnt hear them say "put your weapon down" He seemed delerious, because he was confused as to WTH was going on. He sounded strange, because he was deaf and couldnt talk like the rest of us. I believe it was a butter knife, or maybe a steak knife.

It happened at Tall Pines Housing in Lewiston, off Main street, up by Marden's Discount store.

RONALD RIML's picture

I was absolutely amazed at the number of citizens shot by LEO's

in Maine when I began to analyze the incidents.

Maine - even Lewiston - was much more peaceful than the city I policed back in Illinois. That city, at 27,000 population, had 22 murders the year after I retired in '93. The whole state of Maine had only 16 homicides in '93. You get the idea. With an unemployment rate of 23% - a rapidly changing ethnic population, a rising drug and gang problems, it wasn't a pretty picture.

Maine has a very low incidence of violent crime when compared to most states as evidenced by the FBI's UCR reports (now called something else since my days in blue) - yet a fairly high rate of gun ownership.

Yet when one compares the overall statistics (which I've done) of Police homicides in Maine to the rest of the country - there is no correlation of this rate with the relatively low violence level of Maine's citizens - but there is a direct correlation between Maine police homicides and the officer:population ratio with the remainder of the country.

To make a long story short - these shootings are more a result of 'Standardized Training' than they are of a long time personal bond between members of a department and the community they serve.

I've talked to people and taken guns away from them on numerous occasions while I feared for my life - and God, I've been lucky. I've had to wrestle them away from people, and sometimes back-out and call the cavalry. And there's been some real crazies out there.... I've been lucky. The entire 20 years I was on the force, two subjects were shot and killed by our officers. That isn't to say we didn't have many opportunities where we were legally justified in doing so - it was always the last resort.

But when a Maine Policeman finds it necessary to shoot (and kill) a disabled drunk in a wheelchair with a knife, and he has his partner and EMS on the scene - simply because he didn't bother equipping himself with his baton (continuum of force) - and is found justified - there's a problem. (Brunswick - a number of years ago) Time will tell on this case.

But like Robert Kennedy said - a community gets the law enforcement they deserve.


We have a significant problem!!

And the level of public apathy is beyond belief. Yes I know I am being repetitious, but the simplest and most accurate response is, "wake up everybody!!"


Not Convinced Ms Paulson Had To Die

Police training needs to updated to allow for some measure of discretion and restraint without additionally, endangering the officer.

Bill Whitman's picture

i repeat

i repeat, even if she was confronting police with a RPG, if they just shot her in the leg, she would have fallen to the ground and dropped the weapon. most people cops confront are not pro assassins but drunks or a little unbalanced and definitely not prepared to take out a bunch of cops. if cops can't handle guns any better than this, they better go into another line of work. and there's no need to shoot anyone more than once. this is absolutely shameful. i feel protected - yeah - right


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