LePage headed to Jamaica for vacation

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine's governor is taking a break, heading away to Jamaica for a week.

Paul LePage
Associated Press File

Paul LePage

Press Secretary Adrienne Bennett says it'll be the first break for Gov. Paul LePage since his inauguration in January. She says he's been working six days a week since then.

LePage is familiar with Jamaica.

While golfing there, he met the father of a boy who returned to Maine to be raised by the LePages. LePage considers the boy a son and has provided for him, even though he was never formally adopted by the LePages.

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Deborah Brown's picture

First Vacation in a whole 3 months!

Press Secretary Bennett says it's his first vacation since January. She makes it sound like like it's been decades but it's only a mere 3 months. I'm not convinced that he's in need of a vacation yet. I mean the budget isn't done, there's significant unrest of the issue of unions, no jobs have been restored or created, he's accomplished next to nothing. What's he actually done? I don't think cussing at the President of the United States, making crude remarks to the NAACP, and most recently ordering the removal of a Labor Mural (at night/on weekend - overtime hours-and hiding it) and calling the citizens of Maine "idiots" for enjoying the mural and wanting it to stay right where it is... I don't think these antics qualify as work. On second thought at least the citizens of Maine will be "bully-free" for a week.

 's picture


We have all heard the old adage, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." Need I say more ?


Can someone tell me what job

Can someone tell me what job gives vacation time after only 3 months on it? As far as I am concerned Governor LePage ran for the position of Governor because he wanted the JOB. If he is not willing to treat the position as a full time job then maybe we should find someone willing to actually do the job. Between the vacation, the removal of a mural, and not being tactful in how he says things what has he actually accomplished as Governor. It's about time for some serious thought by the Governor as to whether he can actually DO the job or if he just wants the so-called prestige of the position. As taxpayers, we are paying his salary. And as taxpayers maybe we should look at firing him from the position.


the governor's vacation

Maybe as he goes through the Bermuda Triangle he will fall through a time warp and end up in the 19th century. He would be so much happier there and a lot of us would be happy to see him there too.

Amy  McDaniel's picture

This is so wrong!!!

I am so bothered by the fact that he is taking a vacation 90 days into being governor. Tax payer money at work. He's probably selling the mural down there. We won't know about it until he gets back. Oh well, grab the popcorn. What goes around comes around and something tells me that is going to be quite a show.

 's picture


Must be nice to take a vacation 90 days into a new job. Most WORKERS and yes he works for us or is supposed to, don't get vacation time until a year on the job. What makes LePage so special ?

 's picture

wrong interpretation

don't you see? this is the way he's going to make up all the things he's taking away from state employees by giving ALL state employees a week's vacation every three months. what a concept.
on the other hand, isn't bringing home little boys that he didn't adopt the way michael got into trouble - hmmmm
he probably saw those crowds gathering about the mural and thought - look what happened to those leaders in the middle east. maybe he's stepped down and gone to play golf with Ghadafi or thought they were a lynch mob and thought he better get out of Dodge.

 's picture

hmmm makes me wonder

he knew that being a govenor was a 24 hour 7 day a week job now he's stating 6 day a week job imagine if the employees of maden got the perks that he thinks he's entitled too
i hope he daughter dosen't go on him with this tax payer funded vacation hmmm makes me think is there anyone else that goes on freqent vacations oh yeah obama go figure

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

Vacation during session???

Has anyone ever heard of a Governor of Maine taking a vacation during a session of the legislature while they are working on the budget? I can not find any refernce to it before.
After a few months in office he is so tired he needs a vacation? Do we pay for his security to go with him? You would think he could at least help the Maine vacation industry. doe anyone know if this daughter also went?

 's picture

Poor LePage

First of all, there is not one state employee who gets any vacation time after less than four months ont he job. So, I think we should dock LePage's pay. Plus, I understand that the state arranged for the Jamaican authorities to provide protection. I would doubt that this would be done for free.

Also, evidently, LePage and his staff are not used to working long hours. Before I retired, I worked seven days a week during the legislative session without additional pay or vacation. I know several state employees who do the same. To be honest, there are many who do not. Having LePage's staff justify his taking a vacation already because he has been working six days a week is laughable. One more reason for me to have no respect for LePage. To think that he has no respect for state employees when he can't hold a candle to their work ethic.

 's picture


While golfing there, he met the father of a boy who returned to Maine to be raised by the LePages. LePage considers the boy a son and has provided for him, even though he was never formally adopted by the LePages
isn't that considered an illeagle alien?


I hope he has a great trip.....on my retirement money I am sure!


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