Motive questioned

It sounds to me that Rep. David Burns, R-Whiting, doesn't realize the responsibilities teens have these days.

My parents want me to go to college, and they will do whatever they can to make that happen. A year ago, as a sophomore at Lewiston High School, I decided to get a job. I did that so that I could be responsible for myself, and to lessen the burden on my parents. I knew what minimum wage was at the time, and I would not have gotten a job for $5.25 an hour.

Burns is saying that teens would have to decide whether getting a job was worth it at that pay scale. For some teens, however, there is no choice.

I know teens who are currently working to supplement their parents' income, as this nation is in a recession and money is hard to come by. Both of my parents work two jobs, and being able to pay for some of my own expenses helps them.

For some families, there is only one parent around, or only one parent is employed. Teens who help to support their families deserve more than $5.25.

I have to believe that Burns has other interests involved in this bill. Maybe a friend of his was complaining because he had to pay some kid who didn't work hard enough. I don't know. But I don't understand why Burns would propose such a bill with no disclosed motive.

Jake Reed, Lewiston

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Timothy Cox's picture

kids jobs

I have to weigh in. I dont think that there should be a dual wage system as if a teen is doing the job they should get the pay. that said teens baby sit for less and I know of a lot that will do odd jobs for less apy but if they are working at a business then they should get equal pay. As for hours,, this is Maine where we used to have he best work ethic in the country i'm not so sure anymore, I worked a 40 hour week all through high school at a local factory got my school work done and still had a social life. I paid room and board to help the family, paid for my own car and insurance and collage, now most of the kids seem more intrested in video games and setting around the house waiting for parents or goverment handouts and think it's their right. let the ones that can keep their grades up work what they want IF THEY CAN FIND A JOB its a good lesson on real life, and working for what you got.

RONALD RIML's picture

Adult Jobs become Kids' Jobs = Unemployed Adults

When the State lets the Employer pay kids less......

No wonder somebody had a Shidt-Fit about the murals...........

 's picture


We already know his motive - a cheap sub-class of labor ripe for exploitation.

 's picture

Similar to...

...illegal immigrants?


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