The joke is on me

I’m an American Latino and a Maine resident, and it saddens me to say that Gov. Paul LePage has no respect for the hardworking people of Maine.

He secretly and quietly had murals taken down that strongly represented the hardworking people of Maine (who actually take maybe just a one-week vacation in a year or two, not after working just a few weeks).

What would it have hurt to attend that NAACP ceremony to which he was invited? Instead, he told that group to kiss his butt. And recently, he failed to show up for the honoring of labor leader Cesar Chavez. If that is not a sign of discrimination, what would be?

He was probably too busy packing for that vacation in Jamaica.

Stephen King commented that Gov. LePage is like one of The Three Stooges. At the time, I agreed, but truth is, when I think of The Three Stooges, it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear, remembering how much they made me laugh as a child.

When I think of LePage there is a feeling of anger and shame.

I guess the joke is on me, because I voted for the fool.

Roberto Gonzalez, South Paris

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 's picture

All cultures normally stick

All cultures normally stick to eachother like someone previously stated. You have your Little Haitis, Little Canadas, Chinatowns, South Boston (Irish neighborhood) etc... So in theory that make everyone a racist. I didn't go to the NAACP nor did I honor Cesar Chavez, so I guess that makes me a racist and more then 2/3rds of the state racists. Fact of the matter is people only celebrate and honor people who they can identify with. I wouldn't expect someone who isn't of French or French-Canadian decent to celebrate/honor the Franco Festival or French Heritage Day or St. Patricks day (commonly associated with Irish). To me that doesn't make them a bad person or a racist. Just they don't have any connection to those days.

 's picture

Why can't you just call

Why can't you just call yourself an American and forget the hyphenated add ons? Segmenting the country is not celebrating diversity, it is dividing us by creating a Balkanized regional society based of identity politics and group think. There is something called the greater common good and everyone must participate in order for the country to survive. Like it or not we are all in this together.

RONALD RIML's picture

In several generations he'll be the majority American, John....

And perhaps your progeny will be calling themselves "Anglo-Americans" and crying for some recognition as did the American-Indians before you. It's all a matter of time, birth-rates, and mathematics.

Immigrants to the United States, no matter what nationality, historically were identified - then banded together for unified strength and purpose in overcoming predjudice, employment discrimination, and other negative factors. Remember - he who fails to study history is doomed to repeat it.

One of society's tools to fight back? Make them "Non-persons" without actually assimilating them. Just as you suggest when you tell him to forget the "hyphenated add on." I imagine Roberto has a pretty good idea of when he's accepted as an 'American' and when he isn't. God knows the real flag-waving American Conservatives who watch Fox and listen to Rush know when to tell me when I'm acting like an American or not - even though they've not spent one day in battle getting shot at under America's flag.... But hey, what would I know?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Roberto, it's 2011, and it's

Roberto, it's 2011, and it's not about "us against them", meaning employees Vs. employers. The two sides need each other and in this day and age, with global competition on everything from goods to services, this is even more pronounced. Only the fringe elements on both sides of this coin are still waging war, and I really think Governor Lepage was attempting to neutralize that in having the mural moved and the room names changed. Without businesses, there are no jobs, and without employees, there are no businesses. Yes, he could have handled the situation better, and it would be very nice if he were a more polished communicator, however, he is honest about his goals for the state, which for all but those that didn't agree with him in the first place, is a good thing.

 's picture

Roberto. You might want to

Roberto. You might want to research what Mr. Kings primary residence is listed as. And how much tax he pays to the state of Maine. You see Mr. King is now a resident of Florida and doesn't pay taxes in Maine. So your twice the fool for even paying attention to someone like King.

Mark Elliott's picture

Again, the NAACP was implying

Again, the NAACP was implying that LePage, the father of an adopted black son, was a racist. He had every right to tell them to kiss his butt! The reporter interviewing him coaxed him for an aggravated response and that's what he got and now they continue to show that short sound bite out of context making you think he had no reason for it! If you are that regretful of your vote, then you obviously are not really watching what is going on.

RONALD RIML's picture

Since when did LePage adopt Devon Raymond??

That requires Court Action - a Gubernatorial Proclamation doesn't cut it........

"The LePages met Raymond in Jamaica through his father, who caddied for Paul LePage during an island vacation, according to Demeritt.

Raymond is not a U.S. citizen, nor has he yet been formally adopted by the LePages."

see -->


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