Not all inspections stations are honest. A person can bring in a car to be inspected. In my case, my older car, I was told, the emergency brake would not hold on a hill. I went on Bartlett hill in Lewiston, set the emergency brake on. With the car running and in drive, it did not move. When I contacted the inspection station, they said NO_NO, it would not hold in reverse. I went back on the steep hill, parked going up hill, put it in reverse while running and the brake held. I took it to a person I knew who is a mechanic and he stated their was nothing wrong with the emergency brake. It would have cost me $240. to have something fixed that was not broken.

The state police should put out a (BAIT CAR) if they have not already. An older car that the state police has already had a qualified mechanic check everything. The trooper in plain clothing going around to all these garages, to see how many are honest. In inspecting a car, the mechanic, cuts off a portion of the sticker as I understand is the law? A crook can steal a TV. These guys can steel and no one checks on them. Catch a couple of these dishonest persons and take their inspection license away. The word would get around.

— Anonymous

I am terribly disappointed in legislators who sit in their committees day after day, reading/working on their laptops rather than looking up and giving their undivided attention to the citizens standing at the podium in front of them while they give testimony. Giving testimony in front of a legislative committee can be very intimidating. Often times these citizens have traveled and taken time off from work at their own expense in order to give testimony on a subject they feel strongly about.

Don't they at least deserve a little eye contact from our legislators?

The same observation can be made about certain local municipal officials and county commissioners. We did not elect you to catch up on your e-mail or play Farmville or whatever it is you are doing. We just know that you are not showing your constituents the respect they deserve. Heads up!

— Anonymous

Quit upping the cigarette tax and start upping a tax on cell phone service, email, texting and all the technological addictions Maine can't live without.

— Anonymous

Normal people do not change their telephone numbers often and without cause. Do not expect reasonable, sensible people to answer strange calls from strange numbers. Some of us value and protect our privacy.

— Anonymous

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