Representation for sale

We have traded our sense of nationalism for unchecked power and greed. The overwhelming majority have no representation from elected officials. Representation is for sale to big money campaign contributors.

I’m certain the founding fathers would not approve.

Election campaigns are funded by donations from wealthy individuals, corporations, some nonprofit organizations and PAC money. To keep that money coming in for the next election, officials need to do the bidding of contributors. In other words, wealthy individuals and corporations have control of this country through campaign funding.

Though I’m not a world-renowned economist, I’m fairly certain this country could use a jobs bill that gives more favorable taxation for job creation within the 50 states than the immensely favorable taxation for creating jobs in other countries (that has been undermining the stability of this nation for decades).

When the outrageous Reagan/Bush/Bush/Obama-era tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations are added to the steady decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs, there is a recipe for disaster.

This isn’t about one political party or the other.

In political speak, “cut taxes” means for the wealthy and corporations.

“Shrink government” means de-regulate accountability in areas such as pollution control, Wall Street and banking, to name a few.

“Cut spending” means decrease funding on assistance programs, which the majority of people will be needing if the nation stays on its current path.

Election campaign funding needs to change from being overwhelmingly private to public. It will cost less in the long run.

Todd Mogul, Lewiston

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 's picture

Mr Mogul, please do NOT

Mr Mogul, please do NOT include President Obama in the tax cuts for the wealthy scheme. He was FORCED into the compromise when republicans INSISTED that wealthy people get tax gimmes, if the middle class were to get any relief. This is completely and totally a republican boondoggle.

David A. Gagnon's picture

You left out

You left out the unions and PACS Mr. Mogul. Democrats usually end up with the bigger campaign chests.


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