Worsen the problems

Having attended the April 27 Auburn School Committee meeting, I will say that the Sun Journal reporter got the tone of the meeting right. However, I'd like to clarify my point.

I'm very supportive of the careful use of technology in the classroom, but I believe that iPads have no place in the kindergartens. Kindergarten should foster a love of learning and exploration. Technology, including the educational iPad video games the School Committee members are so excited about, does not foster a love of learning; it fosters a love of more technology. It's addictive.

The use of iPads with the youngest students will worsen the three biggest problems teachers face in their classrooms — short attention spans, low frustration tolerance and underdeveloped social skills.

Clara Bolduc, Auburn

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Jason Theriault's picture

Partially disagree

I see that iPads can have a place. My 4 year old has access to one, and it's intuitive interface helps children interface with technology quicker.

That said, I think both sides need to bring up some facts. We shouldn't be jumping in with two feet into this program as you don't know what affect it will have on children's progress. Along the same lines, you can't claim gloom and doom as you don't know what affect it will have either. The technology is far too new to be making such broad claims.

So maybe the school department buys some iPads to keep in classrooms to try out, design activities around them for a small percentage of the time.

But give one to each kid? Noooooo, it's far too soon and the pros and cons are not really known.

 's picture


The problem is that we need to prepare these children for jobs that we cannot even imagine. You nor I nor anyone else except perhaps for the computer experts, can even begin to dream of what jobs these young people, children will be expected to perform. The language of technology is more vital than any other language they will be learning.
I do understand and know the issue of addiction that you speak of and it is a problem that young people of today are facing as the generation that finds itself "between" this past age and the one that comes next will be so completely "technology" for lack of a better word ( that I am sure exists) that addiction will be mute-life will be technologically based and those who cannot function as in survival of the fittest will be left behind ( saying it in a nice way).

My children are grown, I raised them to be curious, to be life long learners, to explore, to ask questions, to not be afraid of new, change, difference and to embrace changing times.

As parents we must raise our children to be teachable. It is what we must do.

I do not believe our schools are even doing enough to prepare them to compete globally for the lightening speed at which our world is changing. We must stop thinking in such small ways. Give our children wings, not our fears and our limitations. They will fly farther than we have and will surprise us!


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