An unfair tax

Here we go again. I wonder what right elected officials think they have to single out a corporation's product for increased taxes for the sole purpose of hurting its sales. I also wonder how is it legal to single out one group of people for increased taxation.

Maybe they think taking more money from smokers who have kids is just fine. Who cares if their kids have less for Christmas or birthdays, right?

Who cares anything about smokers' kids going without because of the unfair tax. They are kids of smokers, so go ahead and take every penny from their parents and hurt their kids.

As high as all costs have risen and how it hurts everyone, how could anyone even suggest such a tax?

I also ask what right do officials have to tax a product so high that only the rich can afford that product?

Come the next election, I shall remember the name Rep. Elspeth Flemings, D-Bar Harbor.

Robert Hemingway, North Anson

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Unfair tax?

You are so concerned about the kids having less for Christmas and birthday. That is on true if you sacrifice the kids for that pack of tobacco. You don't appear to be concerned about your kids health due to second hand smoke! We non-smokers finally have our right recognized to breath clean air too bad your kids don't.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Why is it

that every time we hear about how raising the tax on cigarettes will keep children from starting smoking we hear in the next breath how much money this new tax is going to raise. Now if the new tax is going to make everyone quit then it is going to raise nothing. In fact everyone quitting would raise the states deficit by great numbers. Lets stop the dog and pony show on cigarette taxes.

RONALD RIML's picture

Why do they do it???

Because you and others don't have the 'smarts' to quit.

That's a voluntary tax you may cease paying any time you choose.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Ronald, there are many things

Ronald, there are many things people do that aren't necessities, they are elective. That includes anything from eating ice cream to going out to eat to alcohol and tobacco use. Your idea of "it's not my vice, so it's not my problem", is EXACTLY why flunkies like Ms. Bar Harbor get away with minority interest tax hikes. Smoker or not, I would be wary of any attempt by these taxers and spenders to create more revenue from the same people already overtaxed simply because they figure they can get away with it. Who knows, your elective "Vice" might be next on the hit list...if you feel you actually have any, that is.

RONALD RIML's picture

I liked quitting smoking so much

That I did it about seven times.

He has nobody to blame but himself.


He has plenty of vices, Gary.

Be patient. He'll display them soon enough.

RONALD RIML's picture

Not with you, I won't.....

And besides that - You're probably butt-ugly. ;)

Jim Cyr's picture

Unfair TAX

Our Elected officials in Augusta still don't get it!!!! Their priority is to find more revenues instead of cutting wasteful spending and unleash the chains of Free Enterprise and allow this economy to do it's thing!

GARY SAVARD's picture

Robert, maybe we should

Robert, maybe we should initiate a petition to create a surtax on cruise ships. We could then see how Ms. Flemings feels about singling out small segments of the population for "special taxes". To promote the cause, we could claim that the crowded conditions in Bar Harbor caused by all the cruise ship passengers scurrying about and spending all that money actually harms the environment, and the money we collect from the surtax could be used to fund environmentally friendly programs and the like as an offset. Makes about as much sense as her BS bill.


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