Not the long form

Following the Honolulu Associated Press report (Sun Journal April 24) stating both that Hawaii doesn't issue long form birth certificates and their attorney general's special assistant saying the Bureau of Health does hold such files that by law cannot be provided to anyone, President Barack Obama produces his, claiming it is the long form.

It is not.

The official long form that states issued in 1961 contain two information blocks not appearing on the document Obama produced: race and citizenship. Note the title — Certificate of Live Birth — that the State Department does not accept as proof of citizenship for issuing passports.

It merely shows he was born in Hawaii.

What's the reason to hide the long form containing those two blocks? Simple. Guidelines for completing the race block on long forms in 1961 prescribed entering the mother's racial color for children born of interracial marriage. Obama's was white and undoubtedly fearing that revealing his is white by birth would cost too much of the voting base in the presidential campaign to get elected, as well as for a second term.

How do I know of that 1961 race block? My daughter was born that year of a Caucasian father and naturalized Asian mother. Upon applying for a passport, she was instructed to obtain her official birth certificate. Guess what? There's a race block and the entry is that of her mother's Asian race: yellow.

John R. Davis, South Paris

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Not the Long Form . ..

11.05.05 . . What's your point , John ? Barack Hussein Obama was born in the U S A and was a Senator from IL and is white . Who cares about c o l o r or race ? Not i :) /s, Dr. Dosh former FSO and State Dept employee . Alo'ha from Pahoa , HI 96778 u s of a

RONALD RIML's picture

As some folk's cheekily refer to Obama as the 'Messiah'

Will they produce the Messiah's Birth Certificate???

Inquiring Minds want to Know.....

Bob Woodbury's picture

What's your point?

I was born in Maine in 1938. There is a section on my birth certificate that asks if I am legitimate or not. Give it up, Mr. Davis. Relax. The time of birthers is over.

RONALD RIML's picture

There are none so blind as those who will not see........

A request was made April 22, 2011 by the President's attorney, Judith Corley, to the State of Hawaii Department of Public Health requesting two certified copies of his original certificate of live birth.

See -->

That certificate, showing the completed 'race' blocks for both mother and father may be viewed here; and bearing the signatures of the mother, doctor, and local registrar, may be viewed here:


Mr. Davis - Your apparent inability to accept reality is an issue upon which you would be well advised to consider professional assistance and guidance.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I hope this isn't the John R. Davis I know

I reviewed President Obama's long form birth certificate that was published in the papers a few days ago and it clearly stated that his father was african and that his mother was caucasian. So much for race.
Mr. Davis statement - "It merely shows he was born in Hawaii." - is bizarre. There is no merely about it. Being born in Hawaii in 1961 automatically makes Obama a US citizen according to the 14th Amendment in the US Constitution. If you accept that he was born in Hawaii then Obama is our rightful President and unlike Bush elected by the people of the US.
More than that recent events have shown that President Obama has lived up to every expectation that anyone could have of a President. Where President Bush failed to capture or kill Bin Laden (even though 80% of Republicans are trying to create a new great lie that Bush was responsible for Bin Laden's death.), President Obama by making it his highest priority succeeded.
Time to bury this nonsense that Obama is not American. Only racists, nativist, and Islamophobic Christian extremists in other words the Republican Party can still hold on to this propaganda.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nice how Albrecht was able to

Nice how Albrecht was able to systematically analyze that only Republicans are racists, nativists, and Islamophobic Christian extremists. And, paint it any way you want, Jon; Bush and Cheney deserve 65% of the credit for what went down in Pakistan on May 1st.Most of the procedures that were followed were put in place under Bush/Cheney. oBAMa and you lefties may claim 100% of the credit, but,we expect that. And, for the record, it's the only presidential thing oBAMa has done so far.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Now the above is what you call partisan

When you distort the facts, misrepresent roles, invent decisions after the fact to support your party then that's what partisan means. Bush II gets 65% of the credit because he presided over the writting of new operational manuals (SOP). Give me a break. I'm certain those black ops folks think that paperwork was mainly responsible for the death of Bin Laden. Please explain the differences in the Carter attempt to free the hostages and this mission that were due to changes in procedure initiated in the Bush II administration.
Instead let's get down to undisputed facts. Bush II said both in 2002 and 2006 that capturing or killing Bin Laden was unimportant. His speech in 2006 was part of the announcement that the Black Ops team that he had charged with capturing or killing Bin Laden was being disbanded ending the search for Bin Laden in his administration. Second, Bush I and Cliton were more important than Bush II in transforming the military and intelligence communities from a Soviet focused European tank war model to one focused on asymetrical warfare. So Bush I and Clinton share any procedural credit (and the work people like Patreaus and Colin Powell did while in the military). Three, procedural credit also is meaningless. The people in the Team (those who found Bin Laden. Those that took him out. Those leading them and those that supported them) deserves all the credit and Obama was the leader of the team. Given that the CIA estimate of 60-80% chance that Bin Laden would be there and given the poor results from these helicopter insertions in the past, the risks in this mission were very high making the decisions to go forward with this all the more impressive. Bush II had nothing to do with these operational decisions.


No thanks necessary, Jon.

I actually agreed with your original post, until you descended into (1) blame Bush and (2) Republicans are all those nasty names. You are very competent, no confirmation needed, in drowning commentary in partisan nonsense.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I didn't start it.

It is a fact that Bush did not capture or kill Bin Laden. It's a fact that Bush disbanded in 2006 the special unit that was charged with capturing and/or killing Bin Laden. I see nothing wrong with assigning blame to the "sole decision-maker" when he does not succeed. That's not partisan; it truth. Nor did I falsely claim that Bush was responsible for Bin Laden's death. Republicans did that.
You call an accountant a person who have behaved in a certain way (got an accounting degree, passed a qualifying test, sought and was approved by a licensing board. In politics you can only characterize people based on their behavior (comments, speeches, etc) and the policies they have adopted or supported. All of my characterizations of the Republicans are supported by 75 years of specific behavior not inferences about the behavior. Republicans have earned those characterizations by hard work and a consistent world view. Partisan is when you claim credit for everything good whether your party had anything to do with it or not and blame on the other party whether they do good or not. I'm not partisan. I'm not even a Democrat any longer. I blame the Republicans for what they do wrong and only what they do wrong. My difficulty is they provide so many opportunities.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I wish to thank those like Frostproof

whose replies were empty non-replies. Confirms only my original comment


In any crowd, you can always spot ...

... the real racist. He's the one who first calls someone else a racist. For 'racist' substitute 'nativist' or 'Islamophobic Christian extremist'.

RONALD RIML's picture

Speak for yourself, Mike.

Self-revelation is a cruel process.


I was speaking for myself.

I haven't called anyone a racist. Albrecht is revealed, as are you, since you're backing him up. Who has the white robe concession in the L/A area?

RONALD RIML's picture

What a Coward!!!

You say you don't call anyone a 'Racist'

Then take the back-door approach of stating that Albrecht and I am revealed as one.

You obviously can't "Man-Up" - Mike. Spit it out if it's on you mind.


If not cruel ...

... two cases right here prove that self-revelation leads to juvenile behavior.

RONALD RIML's picture

You and John Davis, Mike...

The two peas in a pod.


You have peas ...

... I have brussels sprouts.

No where in this thread did I agree with anything the OP said in his letter. I addressed only the irrelevant comments made by the usual boneheads.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It is clear from these posts

It is clear from these posts that the murder of Osama bin Laden at the hand of Barak Obama has done nothing to unify Americans. What, exactly, will it take, asks the parrot, to once again unify the American people? Another terrorist hit on a major city? What will it take?

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Unity? What unity?

The American people have never been unified. Why would Bin Laden's death have anything to do with it?
What will it take - unity of principle. America is under attack and has been for more than 75 years by a moneyed elite who want to replace our Constitutional Republic with an authoritarian dictatorship using a fascist model i.e. they call it being business friendly. They want government to control our private lives while business controls our public lives. They want to deny the vote. Dismiss duly elected government officials by fiat. They, like the Communist Soviet Union, claim that they are the authors of everything good (80% of republicans claim Bush is responsible for Bin Laden's death) when in fact they are only the authors of what is good for themselves.

Wayne Hakala's picture

Long Form

It is just a dodge. UBL knew the way to destroy the United States was to ruin the economy and he was doing a very good job of it. But he picked up help along the way with the our government.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I know you hate the facts.

Bush ruined the US economy. The recession began in December 2007. Obama was took office in January of 2009 a full 14 months after the recession began. By march of 2009 the worsening recession reached its peak. By May unemployment began to fall. Now we have had almost 2 years of economic growth and improving conditions along with record profits for many sectors of the US economy.
Its the Republicans who have wanted to ruin the US economy. The Norquist plan is to starve the Federal Government bringing on recessions and economic crisis to us as an excuse to end economic stability for 99% of the country. Republicans added 12 of the 14 trillion dollar debt in hopes of bankrupting the country. Elect them again and this country will be a third-world, poverty-stricken wasteland.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate sez he wants the

The Pirate sez he wants the long form death certificate on bin laden. Does that make him a "deather"?

RONALD RIML's picture

Perhaps it makes him a 'Wanter'

Or - as my Dear, Departed Mother used to say...

You can wish in one hand, and sh*t in the other - and see which one gets filled up first......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

As the Pirate's Dear,

As the Pirate's Dear, Departed Mother used to say, "Son, when you were born, the doctor did everything he could, but you survived anyway".

Bob Woodbury's picture


Next question.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Amy and Jason, I'm with you 100% on your comments. I would strongly suggest to Mr. Davis that he sends a copy of his letter to "The Donald" as it might put him back on the path of total stupidity! That way he can continue to avoid the important issues.

AMY CHAPMAN's picture


So now the argument is that Obama had an advantage in getting elected because he is black? Or, according to the letter-writer's logic, because he PRETENDS to be black? Seriously?

As far as I'm concerned, this ridiculous issue of the President's birth certificate can go on for as long as the birthers can't be anything but good for the Democratic party to have so many members of the Republican party indulging in what amounts to so much crazy talk.

Jason Theriault's picture

Dumb Dumb Dumb

Seriously... Just plan old dumb. I want you do do somthing - Look at your birth certificate. It says "Certificate of Live Birth"

Just like that title of the State of Rhode Island isn't correct. It's "The state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." However, people shortened it in common usage. Just like Birth Certificate.

But this is America, you are free to keep being crazy.Just try and keep out of the way when people are debating serious issues.


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