Margin not unusual

If I see one more letter from the mural whiners about Gov. Paul LePage's illegitimacy and the need to recall him due to his election margin of 38.3 percent, I think I am going to scream.

Here is the rundown:

In 1974, James Longley got 39.7 percent of the vote. In 1978, Joseph Brennan got 47.8 percent. In 1986, John McKernan got 39.9 percent. In 1990, McKernan got 46.7 percent. In 1994, Angus King got 35.4 percent. In 2002, John Baldacci got 47 percent. In 2006, Baldacci got 38 percent. And, in 2010, LePage got 38.3 percent.

There is nothing unusual about LePage's margin, other than the fact that he is Republican.

The Democrats, who have run this state into the ground, have won by similar margins in the past.

Please, let's quit the whining and foot-stomping and let the man get to work for a better economy for everyone.

Judy Lowell, Rumford

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 's picture

Ignorant and Unqualified.

Isn't it amazing. According to Democrats we live in a Democracy, yet Jefferson said he gave us a Republic and wondered if we could keep it. Democrats find LaPage crass and incapable of governing cause he offends them. Should that mean I have the right to be offended by the arrogance and ineptness of the current occupant of the White House.


A popular mandate

To my mind when a politician is elected by a narrow majority it means several of his constituents do not agree with some of his positions. This would seem to call for governing by consensus rather than by mandate. Lepage is seeking to overturn 20 years worth of lawmaking in one year. He has managed to insult and disturb not only the people who didn't vote for him but many who did by proposing legislation that was voted down by a majority of the people of this state. For example Tabor in its many manifestations was voted down many times but they are now cramming it through against the wishes of a majority of the electorate.

 's picture

Get ready...

LePage is not only an extreme minority governor, he is unqualified for the office. Give me a minute to get to the door. I want to hear your scream. Thanks.

RONALD RIML's picture

"If I see one more letter from...."

Can't tolerate an opposing viewpoint, Judy??

There are exercises for you:

"Go to..."

"Kiss my..."

"Get rid of that...."


Prepare to scream

Though I'll not mention the mural, I will say that, like most Republicans, you're confused.

In the first place - whining is not what those who differ from you are doing. That's a loaded word, not unlike "stupid."

The desire to recall LePage has little to do with removal of a painting or his winning the Blaine House with 38%.

It has everything to do with his ignorance and arrogance and the embarrassment that has caused most Mainers. LePage doesn't understand that when governing in a democracy it's probably not a great idea to run around calling the people idiots, or telling a significant group to kiss his butt, or that President Obama should a. Get the hell out of his state," and b. "Go to hell."

Fortunately for Paul LePage, generations of politicians - Republican and Democrat - have been far more interested in protecting themselves than making elected officials responsible to the people. Recall in Maine is not an option, it's not in our law or Constitution. You couldn't even recall your most hated Democrat.

So scream away Judy - here's one more letter that isn't pro LePage. I'll be outside most of the day, so if you make it loud enough, maybe we'll hear it in Wilton.

Jim Cyr's picture

Go Girl!!!!

Me three!

 's picture

Way to,Judy! Let the man

Way to,Judy! Let the man correct the terrible financial mess the liberals have created over the past several decades. I too am tired of their whining.


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