Maine sidelines Arizona-style immigration bill

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Wells lawmaker is winning kudos from civil libertarians after withdrawing her bill that called for an immigration law similar to Arizona's.

At Republican Rep. Kathleen Chase's request, Judiciary Committee members voted to kill her bill. It would have required police who legally detain a person for a suspected criminal or civil violation to require that person to provide proof of citizenship.

If police have a reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal alien, they would have had to try to determine the person's immigration status.

The Maine Civil Liberties Union applauded Chase's action. The MCLU says her bill, similar to Arizona's, violates rights to privacy and equal protection under the law.

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Nothing Wrong

With immigration laws in any state or country. If there were such laws then maybe, just maybe, this country would not be in the dire straits it's in right now with criminals and free loaders from foreign lands. There should be only two ports of entry into the US. NY and San Francisco like in the old days. Where one declares where they are going and how long they are going to be here. If they want to be citizens then they have so long to take the pledge and adopt the American ways and not create there own. We have bent over backwards way to long to outsiders. They learn our laws and abide by them or pay the price. Get the heck out and stay out.


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