New Sharon man alleged to have made harassing, threatening calls to selectmen, families

NEW SHARON — A local man is charged with leaving harassing and threatening messages on the three selectmen’s home message machines.

Franklin County jail photo

Gerald McGlamery, New Sharon

Gerald McGlamery, 52, of Swan Road, was arrested March 4 on three misdemeanor charges of stalking and one count of criminal threatening, Franklin County Sheriff Detective David St. Laurent said Thursday.

The Sheriff's Department received a complaint March 4 and began an investigation.

McGlamery has a longstanding civil issue with the town and selectmen, St. Laurent said. That information is confidential, he said.

Selectmen allege that McGlamery was leaving harassing messages on their machines that also involved selectmen’s families, he said.

After talking to Selectmen Maynard Webster, Russ Gardner and Larry Donald and other victims, and listening to the messages, St. Laurent, Cpl. Nathan Bean and Deputy Nathan Reid went to McGlamery’s home and interviewed him. Based on that information and the investigation, he was arrested, St. Laurent said.

His bail was initially set at $5,000 cash but was reduced to $750 after an appearance in court on March 7 where he denied the charges, he said. He is scheduled to appear in a Farmington court on April 24.

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 's picture

How can I reach you, Gerry?

Dear Gerry McGlamery,
I was notified by e-mail this morning that you had replied to my comment of March 18. I was glad to get a chance to read your story, but it is too bad that probably nobody else will read it, since nobody will be looking at a March issue of the Sun Journal.

Please let me know your address; I would like to learn more about this situation. We have a good-old-boys club in Farmington too, but I don't think they would go so far as to make a secret of the time & place of a town meeting.

Thanks and good luck,
Licia Kuenning

"All my cats are in one basket."

 's picture

But what does Gerald McGlamery say?

I read this story hoping to find out why McGlamery felt a need to leave hostile messages on the selectmen's answering machines. After all, in my experience, there is such a thing as a legitimate grievance against selectmen, and it can be very hard to get a hearing for it. I didn't hear McGlamery's messages, and maybe if I did I would have agreed that they went too far; but I wasn't given that chance because the reporter apparently never bothered to ask McGlamery for his side of the story. Why not??!! And please don't tell us that it's "confidential." Confidentiality should apply to protecting the weaker party from exposure that he doesn't choose, not to protecting the more powerful party from public scrutiny. McGlamery has a right to tell his side of the story. He isn't required to, but apparently in this case he wasn't even given the opportunity.

Gerry McGlamery's picture

No hostile or threating calls were made.

Can a message notifying a selectman you are organizing a group of your neighbors to vote him out of office the very next day, be considered hostile? I think not.

The arrest took place on Friday, March 4th at or about 10:30 PM. The town meeting was to take place at 9:00 the next day, Saturday March 5th.

Both Mr. Gardner and Mr. Webster were well aware I was organizing a group of neighbors to vote Mr. Gardner out of office the next day. Tammy Morgan, our local postmaster was running against Mr. Gardner. Tammy is an honest, straight forward individual. I was organizing a group of locals to vote Tammy in and Mr. Gardner out.

Mr. Webster REFUSED to give any information out to me concerning when, or where the town meeting was to take place. He, in fact, instructed the town clerk to refer all phone calls from me to him, at his home.

When he was called, at first he denied receiving the faxes and messages which were left requesting the information on the meeting (the faxes and messages requesting the meeting information had been left at the town hall over a week and a half). Then, eventually, he admitted to receiving the faxes and stated "It is not my job to answer your questions about the town meeting, Kiss my a..".

Statements to the effect "I will have you voted out of office tomorrow (Mr. Gardner) and/or removed from office" (Via legal means) became threats in his opinion and so he called, not 911, but his longtime personal friend Sheriff Dennis Pike at home and explained the situation.

Both Mr. Gardner and Mr. Webster are well known for violating ordinances and forging documents (proof is available). It was time to have them voted out of office.

No threats were made. Statements concerning voting them both out were made. What better way to eliminate your competition than to have your buddy the sheriff arrest them and make sure they could not voice their opinion tomorrow at the town meeting? In fact, the bond specified I could no be released before the town meeting, even if the bond was paid in full.

I do not believe it takes a rocket scientist to see the correlation here. It wasn't until about 7:00 PM when I was informed by another town official when and where the meeting was to take place and why. Mr. Gardner was up for re-election and the selectmen did not want me to know that fact. In the meantime, I had a house full of neighbors who expressed interest in voting Mr. Gardner out of office tomorrow and Mr. Webster out next year.

Our small towns are great for the most part. My advice? If you want to vote out a town official, just do it, don't tell them and don't call them and ask them for any information. The good old boys club is alive and well!


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